Holiday hours this week.

We love America and everyone that has ever fought for our freedom.  We will be closed the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of July in order to celebrate this great nation with our friends and family. Hope everyone has a fun and safe Independence Day!

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We know every board, personally

We know every board of our handmade wood floors and wall paneling, personally. Artisan-style craftsmanship goes into every handcrafted floor and wall we produce. Every board is personally handled up to 12 times allowing the opportunity to check quality and detail at...

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Our new location is complete!

We just finished up our new warehouse and will be filling it up with stocked inventory in order to service your projects more quickly. Items that will be kept in stock include: Unfinished circular sawn Douglas Fir Flooring Prefabricated Pallet Wood Wall Panels Skiplap...

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Skiplap, Shiplap made easy!

Our Skiplap wood wall cladding is produced from salvaged and SFI Certified Douglas Fir and Beetle Killed Pine. Custom kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content. Unlike shiplap, our Skiplap is tongue and groove on all 4 sides for a zero waste wall paneling that can be blind...

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Interior Design Trends Using Wood

Source: Wood Naturally Wood may be known for its timeless visual appeal, but there’s nothing static about the way people showcase it in American homes. Designers, homeowners and DIYers are rediscovering the warmth and beauty of wood. From inventive new uses to...

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Montana Fir Flooring

Our Affordable, Durable, and Incredible Montana Hardwood Douglas Fir Flooring! Douglas Fir trees in Montana grow in a natural, wild environment known for its long and harsh winters. Our growing seasons are limited to late Spring, Summer, and early Fall. The short...

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