Why We Love Solid Wood Floors

Why We LOVE Solid Wood Floors! When looking for wood flooring for your home you will be hit with two major options, engineered wood or solid wood. Both will give you the warm natural look that you are after in a wood floor but which one is best? Of course we are...

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The Evolution of Hardwood

Source: Hardwood Floors Magazine Understanding hardwood floor trends requires a high level of awareness of what is being shown in multiple places and sources. It’s a never-ending cycle if you are a trend spotter. Twenty-plus years ago, hardwood flooring was mainly...

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99% Usable Flooring

Sustainable Lumber Co. is situated within the pristine mountains of Montana. Well known for artisan craftsmanship our millwork plant is located within a small rural Mennonite community. Our company consists of eleven families collectively working together to handcraft...

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Beetle Killed Pine ceilngs

Wood statement ceilings are a hot trend, our Beetle Killed Pine tongue and groove is a great option and endless conversation piece. Our wood planks for ceilings are kiln dried to 6-8%, prefinished, T&G on all four sides, & graded to our 99% usable specs. You...

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