Our Team

When it comes to a quality product and quality people you can’t find a better model. Sustainable Lumber Company is a combination of eleven families collectively working together to handcraft exclusive lines of wood flooring & wall paneling. Each family has a specific custom trade which has been taught and handed down for generations.  Expert craftsmanship, family values, traditional woodworking skills, unsurpassed work ethic, and high morals are displayed to the highest standards within our company. Watching our crew work is an honor, our internal strive for excellence and desire to produce a high quality product is evident in every board. Attention to detail, consistent quality control, and unparalleled customer service is our company’s #1 goal. 

Our crew is as good of people you’ll find anywhere, not just in their woodworking skills but as quality individuals themselves.

Forest Management & Sawyer

Dallis & Maggie Hunter

Dallis started his career in the woods in 1977. Within one year he noticed the need for sustainable forestry and started managing forests on 2 local ranches. A large portion of the salvage timber was unacceptable to the local sawmills due to rot, cracks, splits, etc. Dallis saw the beauty in all the timber and purchased a small sawmill to start rescuing the usable wood. He quickly discovered the beautiful colors created from the Mountain Pine Beetle. To date, Dallis has rescued millions of board feet of salvaged timber and left behind a beautifully managed healthy forest. Countless hours of pruning healthy trees, strategically placed snags for wildlife habitat, and hundreds of miles of reseeded forest is the only footprint he leaves behind. The Montana Tree Farm Association recently rewarded Dallis “Logger of the year” for his work in sustainable forestry and land management. Dallis is a faithful father and husband who truly loves what he does. You’ll find he and Maggie working side by side at their sawmill whether it’s -20 or 100 degrees outside.

Todd Yocum

Todd grew up working in his family’s hardwood sawmill in Ohio. Just like many others Todd moved West with his family to explore the majestic and wild mountains of Montana. Todd’s knowledge and expertise is obvious from the first time you talk with him. Todd has as much history and knowledge about the lumber industry as anyone in U.S. He is a faithful and dedicated father and husband and enjoys nothing more than camping and hiking with his wife and 4 kids.

Karen Knapp

Karen started in the wood industry in 1999, designing custom cabinets. Her passion towards the lumber industry, attention to detail, work ethic, and creativity allowed her to quickly climb the corporate latter into management. We are very blessed to have such a well rounded manager that started from the ground up, learning every step throughout the process of running a company. Karen is a proud mom of 3 and enjoys outdoor recreation with her husband and kids.

Ryan Palma

Ryan has been in the lumber industry since 1996, specializing in reclaimed, recycled, salvaged, and sustainable wood. Ryan’s passion for healthy forests lead him to start Sustainable Lumber Co. As a result Sustainable Lumber Company’s entire product lines are produced from reclaimed, recycled, SFI certified, and salvaged timber. 100% of Sustainable Lumber Company’s product lines are made in the USA, where he insures they come from reclaimed and sustainable sources with ethical labor practices. Ryan’s first priority is spending quality time with his wife, two sons and daughter while exploring every corner of the great state of Montana.