Mixed Grain Versus Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Flooring

Posted: January 13, 2020

Clear vertical grain Douglas Fir flooring has been around forever.  It’s been an industry staple and favored on the East Coast for decades, and for good reason.

However, it is not always the best choice.  We are the largest producer of prefinished Douglas Fir flooring in the U.S. From our expertise we prefer mixed grain Fir flooring, here’s why:

  1. More environmentally friendly – Clear Vertical Grain is the same as quarter-sawn wood. This cut requires big tall trees to yield long runs without any knots – which means that in most cases, when you buy CVG Fir, you’re buying old growth trees. Mixed grain can come from smaller diameter trees and still provide supreme quality.
  2. More interesting to look at – Mixed grain show’s the natural grain patterns of each tree’s unique characteristics, no two pieces are alike.  It displays the true character of the wood and is far more visually appealing with it’s organic flow of wood grain and natural knot structure, in comparison to the repetitive uniform stripes of CVG.
  3. More cost effective – Mixed Grain Fir is more affordable than CVG because it is the most efficient way to cut a log.  Cutting logs into CVG (quarter sawn) results in significant waste that can’t be used elsewhere, consequently driving up the cost of the product.  Cutting logs into mixed grain (live sawn) is the most efficient eco-friendly way to cut a log and minimizes waste. We use 100% of our logs, what doesn’t make our flooring is re-purposed into bio mass which heats our kilns and facility, all shavings and sawdust are donated to local ranchers for animal bedding.

While Mixed Grain Fir meshes effortlessly from modern to rustic spaces, it is also ideal for historic remodels and was used in many of the style-setting turn-of-the-century homes throughout the US.

Our Douglas Fir flooring offers a rich warm appearance, consistent quality, in 8 distinct pre-finished colors. We currently have 24 options of pre-finished mixed grain Douglas Fir flooring and trim. We sell and ship factory direct anywhere within the U.S.  Shown here is our Mountain Collection in our standard 8 colors: