About us

2015-03-10 13.39.09(left to right) Laverne, Jethro, Chris, Jamie, Dave, Michael – Production crew
When it comes to a quality product and quality people you can’t find a better crew. Dave and the crew have been in woodworking their entire lives. In addition to a great fatherly role model Dave passes on his traditional woodworking skills, work ethic, and morals to the crew. Watching these guys work is a treat, their internal strive for excellence and desire to produce a high quality product is evident in every board. Attention to detail and unparalleled quality control is simply in their blood. Our production crew are as good of people you’ll find anywhere, not just in their woodworking skills but as quality individuals themselves.

hand crafted doors

(left to right) Tim, Ladon, Anthony, Andrew, Matt – Custom door and staining crew
We have something special when it comes to our custom door and staining crew. These guys hand rub, hand sand, hand carve, and hand craft every door and piece of flooring. Old world artisan style craftsmanship has been handed down from generation to generation and these guys carry on the tradition. Every door is an original piece of artwork, seeing is believing. These guys are the real deal, true Montana Artisans.

Ervin MillerErvin Miller and family – Custom cabinet crew
With over 13 years of experience our cabinet crew is as good as you’ll find anywhere in the country. Artisan style woodworking is evident down to the last dove tail joint. Ervin mentors and teaches his craftsmanship to his family in order to be passed on to the next generation. Old world quality can never be duplicated, seeing is believing.


Mervin OttoMervin Otto and familyPrefab wall panel crew
Mervin and his family collect, dismantle, rip, cut, laminate, and nail every pallet board by hand onto our Patent Pending prefab wall panels. A painstaking amount of time and effort goes into each individual wall panel so installation for our clients is quick, clean, and easy. Every board has a story whether it sailed around the world viewing sites we only dream of, or traveled on a train site seeing the most remote areas in the U.S.


Dallis and Maggie Hunter

Dallis and Maggie Hunter – Forest management and sawyer
Dallis started his career in the woods in 1977. Within one year he noticed the need for sustainable forestry and started managing forests on 2 local ranches. A large portion of the salvage timber was unacceptable to the local sawmills due to rot, cracks, splits, etc. Dallis saw the beauty in all the timber and purchased a small sawmill to start rescuing the usable wood. He quickly discovered the beautiful colors created from the Mountain Pine Beetle. To date Dallis has rescued millions of board feet of salvaged timber and left behind a beautifully managed healthy forest. Countless hours of pruning healthy trees, strategically placed snags for wildlife habitat, and hundreds of miles of reseeded forest is the only footprint he leaves behind. The Montana Tree Farm Association recently rewarded Dallis “Logger of the year” for his work in sustainable forestry and land management. Dallis is a faithful father and husband and truly loves what he does. You’ll find him and Maggie working side by side at their sawmill whether it’s -20 or 100 degrees.

2015-07-20 14.19.20Karen Knapp – General Manager
Karen started designing cabinets in 1999. Her passion towards interior design, attention to detail, and creativity allowed her to quickly make a name for herself in the Missoula area. We are very blessed to have one of the best cabinet designers in our local community. In addition to cabinet design, Karen is our General Manager and keeps all of us in line. Karen is a proud mom of 3 and enjoys outdoor recreation with her husband and kids. Direct line: 406.642.7120

Todd YocumTodd Yocum – Contractor Sales
Todd grew up working in his family’s hardwood sawmill in Ohio. Just like many others Todd moved West with his family to explore the majestic and wild mountains of Montana. Todd’s knowledge and expertise is obvious from the first time you talk with him. Todd has more history and knowledge about flooring than just about anyone in Western Montana. He is a faithful and dedicated father and husband and enjoys nothing more than camping and hiking with his wife and 4 kids. Direct Line: 406.642.7118

Ryan Palma –  President/CEO
Ryan has been in the lumber industry for 21 years specializing in recycled, salvaged, and sustainable wood. Ryan’s passion for healthy forests lead him to start Sustainable Lumber Co. As a result Sustainable Lumber Company’s entire product lines are produced from local reclaimed, recycled, SFI certified, and salvaged timber. 100% of Sustainable Lumber’s timber is grown in Montana and made in Montana. Ryan’s first priority is spending quality time with his wife, two sons and daughter while exploring every corner of the great state of Montana. Direct line: 406.235.1020

Our crew:

rustic doors

Lucas & Anthony having fun sanding some doors

hand scraped doug fir flooring

Lavern hand scraping each flooring board

Doug fir stair parts

Michael hand sands each stair tread we produce

beetle kill pine wood

Chris grading every stick of beetle kill pine flooring

beetle kill pine

Jamie defect cutting every piece of flooring by hand

Ervin - never a bad day & always smiling

Ervin – never a bad day & always smiling

Regina hand sanding a custom cabinet

Regina hand sanding a custom cabinet

Leonard hand sanding cabinet shelves

Leonard hand sanding cabinet shelves

Hand scraped hardwood

Michael hand scraping our transition pieces

Douglas fir flooring

Chris sanding our Doug Fir flooring

Beetle kill pine logs

Dallis replenishing our beetle kill pine log deck

Andrew hand packing our flooring

Final inspection and sub-bundling by Andrew

Ladon Sommers

Ladon hand finishing our flooring

Jamie Yoder

Jamie visually grading every board

Michael fine tuning our moulder

Michael fine tuning the moulder

beetle kill pine book match slab

Dallis hand picks a beauty beetle kill slab

Jaime's forearms getting bigger with every board

Jaime’s forearms getting bigger with every board

Chris and Jamie hand scraping Douglas fir floors

Chris and Jamie hand scraping Douglas fir floors

Tim inspecting quality on our flooring

Tim inspecting quality on our flooring

Inspecting quality on Blue stain pine doors

Inspecting quality on Blue stain pine doors

blue stain pine paneling

Chris stacking some beetle kill pine paneling

douglas fir planks slabs

Dallis cutting wide plank douglas fir flooring boards

Selective logging

Deer eating moss on a thinning project

pre-commercial thinning

Dallis thinning a Douglas Fir tree stand

hand scraped douglas fir flooring

Lavern and Jamie hand scraping every board

salvage logging

Dallis selective harvesting beetle kill Ponderosa Pine

hand scraped douglas fir flooring

Lavern hand scraping our flooring

douglas fir flooring quality control

Checking quality at every step

douglas fir stair treads

Anthony making douglas fir stair treads

sub bundled douglas fir flooring

Ladon bundling our douglas fir flooring

Stacking beetle kill pine wood

Mike loading beetle kill pine lumber

Michael milling our Douglas Fir flooring

John and Thomas, our custom cabinet crew

knotty pine wood doors

Andrew inspecting our knotty pine door jambs

hand made doors

Anthony and Ladon; our door guru’s!

wood boiler bio mass

Salvaged timber heats our kilns, shop, and office.

hand scraped pre finished douglas fir flooring

Dave HAND scraping our flooring.

wire brushed douglas fir flooring

Inspecting our flooring before we pre-finish

end matched pre finished douglas fir flooring

Michael adjusting our end matcher

brushed doug fir flooring

Jamie wire brushing our Douglas Fir flooring

pre finished wire brush flooring

Lavern wire brushing our Douglas Fir flooring

end matched douglas fir flooring

The Palma boys helping out Jamie on the end matcher

Hand crafted pre-finished douglas fir flooring

Lavern hand stacking our end matched flooring

pre-finished end matched douglas fir flooring

Jamie end matching our Douglas Fir flooring

Old Growth douglas fir

Dallas cutting a salvaged old growth Doug Fir log

Michael always smiling,  never a bad day

Jamie stickering beetle kill pine for our kiln

Laverne making our display racks

Douglas fir flooring ran through Weinig moulder

Michael programming our state of the art Weinig Molder

Handcrafting every set of knives for our douglas fir mouldings

Jamie grinds every set of knives for our molder

Hand distressed douglas fir molding

Dave hand distressing a custom Douglas fir trim order

Hand staining racking pre-stained douglas fir moulding

Hand-stacked pre-stained trim and flooring

Hand rubbed oil stain wood doors

Hand stained/sanded custom Juniper wood door

Hand stained douglas fir moulding

Ladon hand staining some Douglas Fir base trim

Hand crafted douglas fir wood doors

Anthony hand sanding a custom Douglas Fir Door

Handcrafted Douglas fir flooring

Jamie checking quality on our Douglas Fir Flooring

Handcrafted circle sawn floring

Michael checking our sanded face Douglas fir flooring

Rough Cut Douglas Fir Flooring

Jamie stocking our Douglas Fir Flooring blanks

Handsanded Douglas Fir Flooring

Michael sanding our smooth Doug Fir flooring