BKP (Beetle Killed Pine)

Posted: March 7, 2022

By: Karen Knapp

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Recently, I was having a conversation with my children, 14 and 18 years of age. I had to stop them many times to clarify what they were saying. I came to the realization that I am WAY out of touch with modern day talk! So I did what any parent would do, I googled the many habits of teen talk and tried to level up my conversation skills as best I could. So today, this blog post is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt as lost as I do when talking to a teenager.

ICYMI, our Beetle Kill Pine T&G products are lit.  Unfortunately, supply is dwindling so if you have FOMO you are going to want to get in on this wood before it bouncesDWBH though, we will be manufacturing it for as long as it is available. The thought of it not being available some day is cray to me. I can’t even!

FWIW, not only is it a killer looking product, it also has a cool storyATM, we are the only manufacturers that specifically harvest Beetle Kill Ponderosa Pine trees that have been standing dead for up to 5 years. BTW, our beetle kill pine is salvaged from trees that range from 80-400 years old.

If you are into adulting, this product is a definite DIY project. Just get your Bae to help you out! Even the most basic person can install this. I just know if you try you will slay! Some of your friends might say you’re extra if they see this in your home, but if they are your true fam, they will love it, because they are just as bougie as you! If anyone mocks your style just clap back with something witty like, “you’re just jealous!” Because truly, IRL this stuff is the GOAT. I promise most people will see it and be thinking in their head…..goals. While I know some people low-key like this stuff, I’m like literally shook that it is not for everyone. IMO, there is not a cooler product and anyone who says otherwise is sus. So if someone in your life is throwing shade, you should consider that maybe they are not part of your squad. You don’t have to be savage or salty but you can kindly tell them to swerve. You might even be the victim of trolls if you post your new wall on social media. Just send them a DM and tell them to GALIYKWIM. Or you could always take the higher road with a RAK and just reply with HAND. Your call.

PA: No teenagers were harmed in the making of this.

Definitions in order of appearance:

  • ICYMI: In Case You Missed It
  • Lit: is a term used to describe something that’s fun, exciting, or crazy.
  • FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out
  • Bounces: When someone says they need to “bounce,” it means they need to leave—fast.
  • DWBH: Don’t Worry Be Happy
  • Cray: Short for “cray cray,” which was originally slang for crazy, “cray” just means crazy.
  • I can’t even: When someone “literally can’t even,” it means they can no longer deal with a particular person, situation, or thing
  • FWIW: For What It’s Worth
  • ATM: At The Moment
  • Adulating – The term refers to the mundane tasks of doing laundry, cooking, paying bills, etc.
  • DIY: Do It Yourself (I actually knew this one!!)
  • Bae: Referring to one’s significant other or simply the acronym Before Anyone Else
  • Basic: the term describes a person who is only interested in mainstream, popular things and can’t think for themselves.
  • Slay: To “slay” is to do something exceptionally well
  • Extra: is a term used to describe something that is overwhelming or one step above too much.
  • fam
  • bougie: is a term used to describe someone who acts as though they are of a higher socioeconomic class and stems from the French word “bourgeois” (middle class)
  • clap back: To “clap back” is the best way to respond to criticism or insults.
  • IRL: In Real Life
  • GOAT: Greatest Of All Time
  • Goals: is a subtle way of expressing jealousy or admiration.
  • low-key: If a person “low-key” loves something, they’re subtly excited about it.
  • Shook: a common millennial saying in response to news or events that leave them confused or in total disbelief
  • IMO: In My Opinion
  • Sus: When something or someone is “sus,” they’re being suspect or shady. It’s an adjective often used as a replacement for the word “suspicious
  • throwing shade: To “throw shade” is to subtly direct anger toward someone
  • squad: Similar to fam, a millennial’s “squad” is their ride-or-die group of besties
  • savage: Used when someone says or does something particularly ruthless or unfiltered
  • salty: Saying someone is “salty” means they are in a bad mood or acting upset or bitter, frequently over something minor
  • swerve: To “swerve” implies that a person is avoiding someone and can also be used to dismiss or tell someone to go away.
  • Trolls: This phrase may refer to internet trolls, or individuals who lurk and make disparaging posts in the comments section
  • DM: Direct Message
  • GAL: Get A Life
  • IYKWIM: If you know what I mean
  • RAK: Random act of kindness
  • HAND: Have a nice day