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Posted: January 24, 2022

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What is Beetle Killed Pine?

Beetle Killed Pine is the term used for Pine trees killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle.

This tiny little beetle has killed over 100 million acres of trees across the U.S. and Canada. The beetle bore into the tree, lay their eggs, and cut off the flow of nutrients & water, killing the tree from the inside out.

A fungus from the beetle is introduced into the tree and discolors the wood with a distinct blue tint. The mountain pine beetle and the blue-stain fungus is an example of symbiosis. The blue stain fungus travels from tree to tree on a special structure in the beetle’s mouth parts. This is its means to travel to new trees. The fungus helps the beetle by stopping the tree from producing its natural defense resin, and the beetles are hence able to mine and lay eggs while avoiding the tree’s defenses. The fungus also benefits the beetles by improving the host environment for the beetle progeny and serves as food for the larvae and adult beetles.

Supply is dwindling 

beetle kill pineWe are the only manufacturers that specifically harvest beetle kill Ponderosa Pine trees that have been standing dead for up 5 years. Our beetle-kill pine is salvaged from trees that range from 80-400 years old. The longer a tree naturally stands dead in a forest the more blue stain it will develop due to the fungi that have been introduced into the tree by the mountain pine beetle. Ponderosa Pine trees have a very thick bark which allows the tree to dry out slowly, allowing the fungus to penetrate deep into the tree. Due to natural decay, cracks, splits, and rot; these trees have been forgotten in the forest and left to rot on the stump. Instead of letting these trees rot in the forest, we salvage them and produce the highest quality wall paneling and flooring on the market. We’re only able to salvage approximately 50% of the tree, but we believe it’s still worth it.

Our blue stain wall planks and paneling, as well as our blue stain pine flooring, contains the largest percentage of blue stain compared to all other producers. We sell and ship factory direct, you can rest assured your order will contain only the highest quality and color anywhere on market.

If you’re thinking about using Beetle Killed Pine on your next project, here are some questions to ask the manufacturer:

  1. What percentage of your product will contain blue stain?
  2. What is the moisture content?
  3. Is your product sanded?
  4. Is your product 99% usable?
  5. Is your product end-matched (T&G on the ends)?
  6. What are the lengths?
  7. What is the thickness?
  8. What widths do you offer?
  9. Does your product allow for wane on the edges (the rounded part of the tree)?
  10. How is your product packaged?
  11. How is your product delivered?
  12. Do you offer it pre-finished?

Our Specifications:

  • SURFACES – Walls & ceilings
  • SPECIES – Salvaged Montana Beetle Killed Ponderosa Pine
  • GRADE QUALITY – 99% usable
  • STABILITY – Fine grain averaging 15 growth rings per inch
  • HARDNESS – 510 Janka Rating
  • MOISTURE CONTENT – Cured & kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content
  • THICKNESS – Full 3/4″
  • WIDTHS – 3 1/4″, 5 1/8″, & 7″ face coverage
  • LENGTH – Random up to 8′
  • GRAIN – Mixed
  • TEXTURE – Sanded
  • PROFILE – Micro bevel edges, relief kerfs, clinch line, T&G, and end-matched (T&G on the ends)
  • FINISH – Available unfinished or pre-finished
  • CERTIFICATION – 100% salvaged wood harvested within a 100-mile radius of our facility. LEED eligible based on various criteria including salvaged and locally sourced material
  • DISTRIBUTION – Factory direct shipping anywhere in the U.S.
  • INSTALLATION – Blind nail, face nail, or glue & nail
  • DISCLAIMER – This is a natural wood product. Color, texture, grain, and sheen will vary from board to board.

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