Beetle Killed Pine T&G

Hand Selected Beetle Killed Pine T&G Boards

Highest quality, color, & character Beetle-Killed Pine on the market. Every board is tongue and grooved on all 4 sides and graded to our 99% usable specs Available unfinished or factory prefinished. 200 square foot minimum order.
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Our Beetle Killed Blue Pine wall paneling is produced from 100% salvaged Ponderosa Pine trees killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle. We proudly produce the highest quality, most color, & character Beetle-Killed Blue Stained Pine on the market! The wide array of colors are all natural as a result of a fungus from the Mountain Pine Beetle. Every tree is hand picked in the forest and range from 100-400 years old. These salvaged wood wall boards are custom kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content, which minimizes any shrinkage after installation. Tongue & groove on all 4 sides, quality crafted, sanded, and factory prefinished. Every Blue Pine wood board is graded to our 99% usable specifications and ready to install. The perfect product for ceilings, walls, and creative wood projects.


Sanded – Unfinished or factory finished with our multi coat clear, satin, varnish


Face Widths: 3 1/4″, 5 1/8″, or 7″ | Thickness: 3/4″ | Length: Random lengths up to 8′


Blind Nail, Face Nail, or Glue & Nail

  • MINIMUM ORDER – 200 sq.ft.
  • SURFACES – Walls & ceilings
  • SPECIES – Salvaged Montana Beetle Killed Ponderosa Pine
  • GRADE QUALITY – 99% usable
  • STABILITY – Fine grain averaging 15 growth rings per inch
  • HARDNESS – 510 Janka Rating
  • MOISTURE CONTENT – Cured & kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content
  • THICKNESS – Full 3/4″
  • WIDTHS – 3 1/4″, 5 1/8″, & 7″ face coverage
  • LENGTH – Random up to 8′
  • GRAIN – Mixed
  • TEXTURE – Sanded
  • PROFILE – Micro bevel edges, relief kerfs, clinch line, T&G and end-matched (T&G on the ends)
  • FINISH – Available unfinished or multi coat clear, satin, varnish
  • CERTIFICATION – 100% salvaged wood harvested within 100 mile radius of our facility. LEED eligible based on various criteria including salvaged and locally sourced material
  • DISTRIBUTION – Factory direct shipping anywhere in the U.S.
  • INSTALLATION – Blind nail, face nail, or glue & nail
  • DISCLAIMER – This is a natural wood product. Color, texture, grain, and sheen will vary from board to board.

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Pre-finished vs. un-finished

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