Thinking about a reclaimed wood accent wall?

Posted: April 29, 2019

Adding reclaimed wood accent walls to your interior is a quick and easy way to introduce an organic element to your home. A simple natural wood accent wall can add warmth and texture to any room. Used in abundance, it has a rawness that can balance overly neutral or modern spaces and anchor sprawling floor plans. Installing reclaimed-hardwood floors can get expensive with the amount of staining, sealing and labor needed. A reclaimed wood accent wall of reclaimed wood can be a smaller investment that makes a big visual statement. Here’s what you need to know before getting started.

Project: Creating an easy wood accent wall using reclaimed wood.

Why: An inexpensive investment of an accent wall paneled with reclaimed wood can transform even the smallest spaces.

Choosing the right product: Sustainable Lumber Co. provides exclusive and unique real wood wall coverings for all settings. Whether you prefer rustic, farmhouse, or refined; we have an extensive selection for all preferences.


Since the wood itself can have a lot of character, it’s important to consider balance in the space. Wood accent walls work best when they are truly an accent, celebrating a special “moment” in the design, rather than overpowering a room.

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