A Closer Look at Douglas Fir Flooring

A closer look at Douglas Fir If you are shopping for a solid real wood floor with a proven track record, you can’t do much better than Douglas Fir. With its stunning natural character, warm tones, and tight grain patterns, it’s in an elite class when it comes to...

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Montana – The Last Best Place

The Last Best Place is an unofficial nickname for Montana. We feel so blessed every day that we get to live and work in this amazing state. Thanks to technology, logistics, and a macro view of business; we're able to raise our families in the state we love and still...

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Plant Based Montana Douglas Fir Flooring.

Our naturally organic Douglas Fir Flooring is produced from cage-free, wild-grown, free-range Montana Douglas Fir trees. These nonpartisan, vegan-friendly, dead-standing salvaged trees improve air quality and produce no harmful emissions or greenhouse gases. Montana...

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The Last Best Beetle Killed Pine!

What is Beetle Killed Pine? Beetle Killed Pine is the term used for Pine trees killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle. This tiny little beetle has killed over 100 million acres of trees across the U.S. and Canada. The beetle bore into the tree, lay their eggs, and cut off...

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Our #1 selling floor in 2021

Our Mountain Collection Douglas Fir in our Big Horn color was our #1 selling floor in 2021. We are now keeping this in stock for prompt shipping, however, inventory levels change daily. If you're in the market for hardwood floors, it's time to take a closer look at...

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Happy New Year!

Special thanks to all our amazing customers this year!  We appreciate your business and hope you all have a prosperous and healthy 2022. We will be closed December 31st and returning on January 3rd. We hope you all have a safe and fun New Year!

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