How to protect your hardwood floor from UV damage

Posted: May 13, 2024

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Hardwood floors impart an unmistakable elegance to your home, but they demand proper care to preserve their beauty. Among the challenges they face, UV damage and fading from sunlight exposure rank prominently. In this post, we will share effective tips for UV protection for your hardwood floors, ensuring they retain their allure for years.

Harness the Benefits of Window Treatments:

Utilize curtains, blinds, or shades as your allies in shielding hardwood floors from harmful UV rays. By drawing these treatments during direct sunlight hours, you can notably diminish the sunlight that reaches your precious wood, preserving its pristine appearance.

Strategic Furniture Placement:

Cleverly arrange furniture and rugs to protect your hardwood floors from UV exposure. By creating barriers against direct sunlight, you can prevent specific areas from excessive sunlight exposure, thus protecting your floors from fading.

Consider UV-Protective Window Coverings:

Elevate your hardwood floor protection by investing in UV-protective window coverings. These specialized treatments filter out a substantial portion of UV rays, enabling you to enjoy natural light without jeopardizing your floor’s integrity.

Regular Maintenance and Refinishing: 

Sustain the beauty of your hardwood floors through consistent maintenance and refinishing. This includes routine sweeping and dust mopping to eliminate debris, along with periodic reapplication of protective finishes to sustain the shine and shield the wood.

Opt for UV-Resistant Finishes:

When choosing a protective finish for your hardwood floors, find UV-resistant options. These formulations are tailored to shield your floors from the adverse effects of sunlight, preserving their color and preventing fading over time. Water-based floor coatings are generally a superior choice compared to oil-based finishes in preventing UV damage, color changes, and ambering over time.

Repair and Restore:

In cases where UV damage and fading have already occurred, don’t lose hope. Restore your hardwood floors by sanding the surface to eliminate damaged layers, applying a wood brightener to revive color and brightness, and finishing with a protective stain along with a clear coat to prevent further damage.


By implementing these straightforward strategies, you can effectively protect your hardwood floors from UV damage and fading, ensuring they remain a cherished and beautiful feature of your home for years to come. Embrace the sunlight confidently, and let your floors radiate their timeless elegance.

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