Happy New Year!

It's been an interesting year to say the least. We sincerely appreciate everyone's support and business. We look forward to a new year and a healthy 2021. Hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years. We will be closed Friday January 1st. 

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Rustic White Oak Flooring

Rustic White Oak Flooring for Sale Introducing our newest product line - INDUSTRIAL PLANK FLOORING! Wide Plank White Oak Engineered Flooring adorned with reclaimed rustic character. 3/4" overall thickness with a full 1/4" thick wear layer. 8" wide and random lengths...

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Is Engineered Flooring Real Wood?

Is Engineered Flooring Real Wood? Some people have asked, “Is engineered flooring real wood?” The answer is simple, “Yes it is.” Engineered wood flooring consists of layered tiers of real wood pressed together to form a structure that has the same beauty of solid wood...

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Reclaimed Distillery Wood Wall Planks

Authentic Bourbon Whiskey is aged to perfection over several years in 53 gallon new white oak barrels.  Weighing over 350 pounds each, thousands of these barrels are commonly stored in massive wooden warehouses built in the late 1800’s. Now being torn down and...

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Real Wood Floors

For years our customers have been asking us to manufacture an engineered hardwood flooring. Obviously this is no small task and a huge financial investment. We are very proud to announce our partnership with "Real Wood Floors" out of Missouri, we will now be...

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Reclaimed Oak Fence Planks

Thousands of miles of Oak fencing in Kentucky surround some of the most renowned thoroughbred horse farms in the world. Straight from the horse capital of the world, these famous Oak fences are salvaged and recycled into reclaimed Oak planks; great for walls,...

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