Interior Design Trends Using Wood

Source: Wood Naturally Wood may be known for its timeless visual appeal, but there’s nothing static about the way people showcase it in American homes. Designers, homeowners and DIYers are rediscovering the warmth and beauty of wood. From inventive new uses to...

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Montana Fir Flooring

Affordable, durable, incredible,  Montana Fir flooring! Douglas Fir trees in Montana grow in a natural wild environment known for its long and harsh winters. Our growing seasons are limited to late Spring, Summer, and early Fall. The short growing season along with...

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Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall Panels

Our Prefabricated Pallet Panels are produced from reclaimed wooden shipping pallets. Every recycled pallet is dismantled, cleaned, defected, prefabricated, and graded to our 99% usable prefabricated panel specifications. Every reclaimed pallet wood wall panel board...

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Prefinished Rustic Wood Flooring

Sustainable Lumber Co. is a major U.S. supplier of prefinished rustic wood flooring. We offer an extensive line of prefinished rustic wood flooring manufactured from 100% SFI Certified Douglas Fir. Our exclusive lines of sustainable wood flooring have been used across...

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Reclaimed Wood Wall Planks

Sustainable Lumber Co. is a major U.S. supplier of sustainably harvested and reclaimed wood planks for walls, T&G paneling, and wall cladding. We pride ourselves on manufacturing and offering exclusive, unique, and innovative sustainable wood wall coverings. There...

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