Highest Quality Beetle Killed Pine on the Market!

Posted: July 15, 2019

Our Ponderosa Pine wood boards are so high in quality that we like to call them our forest-direct sales. We do our own logging and only harvest severely salvaged Ponderosa Pine wood belonging to dead-standing trees that have been in the forest for up to 5 years. That’s the secret to achieving the wide array of colors and character in our Beetle-Killed Pine lumber for walls and floors.

These trees have been forgotten and left in the forest to rot on the stump because they are riddled with splits, checks, cracks, rot pockets, etc. We believe the natural beauty that lies within these trees is worth salvaging, it’s sad to us that no one else is doing the same. We meticulously hand-cut all these defects out and apply a T&G on all 4 sides, therefore every finished Ponderosa Pine board locks together nicely. With that said, our lengths only come in random lengths up to 8′, however, every piece is usable.

With more color, more character, superior quality, and proper drying; this Ponderosa Pine hardwood lumber is simply the best!


~ We hand-pick beetle-killed Ponderosa Pine trees that range from 100 to 400 years old.

~ Because of its thick bark Ponderosa Pines hold moisture in the tree 10x longer than commercially harvested Lodgepole Pine. This moisture allows the fungus from the mountain pine beetle to flourish and create the wide array of colors you see in our products.

~ Aged like a fine wine our timber stands dead in the forest for up to 5 years. The longer it stands dead naturally in the wild the richer and more dramatic the color will be.

~ We visually grade and methodically cut every tree to maximize the natural color and character.

~ We slowly kiln dry every plank to 6-8% moisture. This improves stability and helps reduce any chance of future movement in the board.

~ Kiln drying to 6-8% moisture kills 100% of the fungus that created the natural discoloration in the tree.

~ Every board is visually inspected and then milled into T&G flooring and paneling.

~ After milling we visually inspect every board and cut out any defects by hand.

~ Each floor and paneling board is then end-matched (T&G on the ends).

~ Our finished product is held to a higher standard and graded to our 99% usable tolerances.

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