Hand Scraped Beetle Kill Pine Flooring

Posted: February 4, 2019

One of the most unique and eco-friendly floors in the world, Hand Scraped Beetle Kill PineFlooring.

Check out our hand scraped Blue Stain Pine Flooring! Produced from salvaged trees decimated by the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic, hand scraped, available both unfinished or prefinished.

Pine has been used for wood flooring for hundreds of years, however it’s generally softer than most hardwoods. With our authentic true hand scraping, we’re essentially pre-distressing your floor with the inevitable dents and dings that naturally occur over time. So go ahead and drop a Costco sized can of corn or walk on it with stiletto heels and then try to find those dents; chances are you won’t.

With it’s wild colors and natural character, Beetle Kill Pine is one of the most unique woods used for flooring.

A truly exclusive floor – to the best of our knowledge we’re the only manufacture of this product in the world.

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