Montana Fir Flooring

Affordable, durable, incredible,  Montana Fir flooring! Douglas Fir trees in Montana grow in a natural wild environment known for its long and harsh winters. Our growing seasons are limited to late Spring, Summer, and early Fall. The short growing season along with...

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Reclaimed Pallet Wood Wall Panels

Our Prefabricated Pallet Panels are produced from reclaimed wooden shipping pallets. All of our recycled pallet wood wall cladding is dismantled, cleaned, prefabricated, and graded to our 99% usable prefabricated panel specifications. Each reclaimed pallet wood wall...

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Reclaimed Wood Wall Planks

Reclaimed Wall Panels Sustainable Lumber Co. is a major U.S. supplier of sustainably harvested and reclaimed wood planks for walls, T&G paneling, and wall cladding. We pride ourselves on manufacturing and offering exclusive, unique, and innovative sustainable wood...

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Skiplap Wall Cladding

It's hard not to like a clean white shiplap wall. Shown here is our Farmhouse Skiplap Wall Cladding, sent in from a California customer. We typically have in stock and ship directly from our warehouse to anywhere in the U.S. Skiplap is the highest quality wall...

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Reclaimed Distillery Oak

Within the next couple weeks we’ll be unveiling our new line of White Oak Wood Wall Panels. Authentic Bourbon Whiskey is aged to perfection over several years in 53 gallon new white oak barrels.  Weighing over 350 pounds each, thousands of these barrels are commonly...

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REAL Hand Scraped Flooring

We don't have many secrets here at Sustainable Lumber Co. We're not a huge optimized state-of-the-art flooring manufacturer, nor do we want to be. We're a humble sized "boutique" manufacture that custom crafts each floor as they're ordered. For example, we could...

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