Beetle Killed Pine is running out

Posted: December 12, 2022

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We knew this time would come, usable Beetle Killed Pine trees are dwindling. After the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic swept through Western North America 10+ years ago and killed millions of acres of trees, now these dead-standing trees are rapidly deteriorating. Montana’s long cold Winters have slowed the deterioration, however, it is just a matter of time before this amazingly unique and beautiful wood will be unavailable.

The longer these trees naturally stand dead in the forest the more blue stain it develops due to the fungi that have been introduced into the tree by the mountain pine beetle. Ponderosa Pine trees have a very thick bark which allows the tree to dry out slowly, allowing the fungus to penetrate deep into the tree. Now standing dead in the forest for 8+ years these trees are deteriorating very quickly. Defects like decay, cracks, splits, and rot are riddled throughout the tree. We are currently only able to salvage approximately 35% of each tree, which makes processing very labor-intensive and expensive.

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Due to extremely high demand and a dwindling supply, we are currently running longer than usual lead times. If you’re contemplating using Beetle Killed Pine in your next project, don’t hesitate as this will most likely be unavailable within a year.

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