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Posted: September 11, 2015

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Looking for a reclaimed wood accent wall but don’t have the time, resources, or tools to do it? Well, now you can DIY your own pallet wall with our easy-to-install Patent-Pending Pallet Panels (say that 10 times fast). Each panel comes pre-fabricated in an easy-to-install interlocking design, simply finish the nail directly through the panel.

Natural wood accent walls have been a popular trend for quite a while. With these 4 square foot prefab panels, it is easier than ever to create a reclaimed wood accent wall. Perfect for residential homes, commercial workspaces, bar fronts, or restaurants.

Our prefabricated 4 square feet interlocking panels make installation quick, clean, and easy. Our easy pallet wall is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer or large-scale commercial project. With the appropriate tools, a typical 8’x10′ wall can be completed in about an hour. Our Patent Pending interlocking and ship lap panel design reduces labor costs and installation time by up to 90%. Ask about our interior pallet board walls and check out examples of our designs below.

  • MINIMUM ORDER – 1 panel (4 sq.ft.)
  • SURFACES – Walls & ceilings
  • SPECIES –  Mixed species of reclaimed, recycled, and salvaged wood
  • DESIGN – Individual boards prefabricated and laminated on 3/32″ thick plywood backer board
  • DIMENSIONS – 1″ thick x 12″ tall x 48″ wide. 4 square feet per panel
  • GRADE QUALITY – 99% usable
  • END PROFILE – Staggered and interlocking ends
  • EDGE PROFILE – Offset top and bottom to lock into place (ship-lap design)
  • COLORS: All Natural Original Patina Reclaimed Pallet Wood Or Prefinished All Natural Beetle Kill Pine
  •  FINISHES – All natural, contains no stain, paints, or sealers.
  • GRAIN – Mixed
  • INSTALLATION – Clean and quick, simply face nail through the panel hitting as many studs as possible
  • CERTIFICATION – 100% reclaimed, recycled, & salvaged wood. LEED eligible based on various criteria including locally sourced material
  • DISTRIBUTION – Factory direct shipping anywhere in the U.S.
  • DISCLAIMER – This is a natural wood product. Color, texture, grain, and sheen will vary from board to board.

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