NEW – Rustic Hickory Flooring

Posted: September 20, 2021

Pre-finished highly configured wide plank Hickory flooring adorned with reclaimed rustic character. Engineered construction: 3/4″ overall thickness: consisting of a 1/4″ thick Hickory wear layer over 1/2″ Birch Plywood! 7″ wide and random lengths up to 8′. 200 square foot minimum order, factory direct shipping anywhere in the U.S. Scroll down to learn more about our rustic hickory flooring.

So what are live sawn planks?
Live sawing is the historic method of sawing a log straight through its diameter. This produces unique grain variations with a high level of natural characteristics displayed throughout the plank. Live sawing is the most efficient way to cut planks, resulting in significantly less waste than all other methods of cutting.

The hardness of Hickory makes it highly resistant to marring. Boasting a Janka rating of 1820, Hickory is considered the second hardest flooring species in the country. Our Hickory wood flooring showcases unique grain patterns, natural mineral streaks, sound knots, and beautiful color variations within each plank.

We epoxy fill all voids, mill a tongue & groove on all 4 sides, and grade to our 99% usable specifications. 200 square foot minimum purchase.


Engineered floors are composed of multiple sheets of wood pieced together to create one single wood plank. The layers which make up engineered floors are arranged in opposing directions. This is often known as “cross-ply” construction. This method effectively guards the flooring against moisture-related problems. The planks arrangement causes the expansions and contractions to counter one another, limiting or reducing the amount of cupping and crowning a floor can exhibit when exposed to differing levels of humidity. Engineered floors are versatile, allowing them to be installed in any part of the home whether it be the basement or directly on slab. These floors can be stapled, glued, nailed, or even floated over existing subfloors.

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