What is live sawn white oak?

Posted: April 5, 2021

Image source: NWFA

Live Sawn White Oak Flooring

Live Sawn White Oak, also referred to as French Cut White Oak is a European approach to cutting lumber. Live sawn cut floors apply a century-old technique that has long been the standard style of cutting logs in Europe. This is the most unique way to cut a log into hardwood flooring planks because it produces a mix of rift, quarter, and plain sawn woods.  Plain sawn is the modern way of sawing lumber, in which the log is turned till the Sawyer can cut off the clearest board. In live sawn, the logs are sliced directly through without turning the log. This technique of cutting highlights all the grain and character variations in each log and gives our customers an authentic and versatile product every time.

Live sawn boards give hardwood floors a unique appearance because all parts of the wood are captured in the cut. Plain sawn white oak planks include a full range of the log’s characteristics, from the sought-after heartwood where the ring patterns are tightest to the sapwood. With this sawing method, there is very little waste considering the majority of the log is able to be used. Each plank is cut straight off the log in one direction without changing the orientation of the log. Many boards will display cathedral plain sawn grain in the center of the board and rift/quartered characteristics toward the outer edges. Live sawn flooring is typically produced in a “natural” grade (combination of all grades) which allows for some knots and natural wood characteristics and color variations. Live sawn flooring will feature up to 1/4″ splits intended to be filled with an epoxy, but are able to be defected on site. Due to the way it is produced, live sawn planks are also highly stable. Floors made of live sawn lumber are regarded as both cost-effective and very environmentally friendly. Ask about our live sawn flooring today!