Is Douglas Fir too soft for flooring?

Posted: March 9, 2020

We often get asked, “Don’t you think Douglas Fir is too soft of a species to be use as flooring?

Douglas Fir is softer than other species like Oak, Hickory, Maple, etc. However, Douglas Fir has been used for flooring for hundreds of years. Many Fir floors that have been installed for over a 100 years, are now being reclaimed, refinished, and re-sold as reclaimed flooring. Douglas Fir is actually the most stable species used for hardwood flooring. Hardness or a Janka rating is important if customers are concerned about protecting the floor from dents and scratches. We specialize in highly textured/rustic Douglas Fir flooring. The inevitable dent, ding, and scratch simply adds to the character and appearance in a rustic floor. We often tell customers to do a “Costco can of corn test”; drop a Costco sized can of corn on our flooring, walk away, and then try to find the dent. It simply blends in and adds to the character of the floor.

Our flooring is not for everyone, but it’s a great fit for eco-friendly and sustainably conscious customers that want a “living floor”, one that will last their lifetime and looks just as good on day 1 or day 100. The dents, dings, and scratches are often memories and character added to their floor as they truly “live” on them.

If you’re in the market for hardwood floors, it’s time to take a closer look at Douglas Fir Flooring.

Here’s a sampling of our some of our most popular colors and textures. Add a dent, ding, or scratch to one of these and it simply looks better!

reclaimed wood floor dark brown hand scraped flooring


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