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Sustainable Lumber News

DNRC offers programs to help residents pay for forest thinning

Source: K-PAX MISSOULA –The Montana DNRC is encouraging residents in forested areas to take proactive steps in reducing fire danger around their homes by offering to ... Continue Reading →

North American forests unlikely to save us from climate change, study finds

Source: Phys.org Forests take up 25-30 percent of human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide—a strong greenhouse gas—and are therefore considered to play a crucial role in ... Continue Reading →

Up in Flames

Source: Property and Environment Research Center Wildfire is an increasingly politicized issue in the United States. With large swathes of the West literally going up ... Continue Reading →

Living with Wood: From the Beginning of Time

Source: Log Cabin Hub How well do you know the history of lumber around the world? We are very passionate about sustainable architecture at Sustainable ... Continue Reading →