Douglas Fir Flooring

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Pre-fab Wood Wall Panels

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Reclaimed Wind Fence

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Skiplap Wall Cladding

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Sustainable Lumber News

Wildfires pollute much more than previously thought

Source: Science Daily Summer wildfires boost air pollution considerably more than previously believed. Naturally burning timber and brush launch what are called fine particles into ... Continue Reading →

How to restore a forest? Start with a chainsaw

Source: Yakima Herald A new collaborative approach hopes to show responsible environmental stewardship can boost the health of Washington’s forests and the state’s regional economies. ... Continue Reading →

Does Salvaging Scorched Trees Hurt the Environment?

Source: Removing trees killed by fires might not be as damaging to forests as previously thought. When a forest burns, the aftermath is a ... Continue Reading →

Eco-Friendly Fabric Is Made From Wood Fibers

Source: Spinnova, as the company is called, has invented a technology that transforms wood fibers directly into yarn. Why is that a big deal? ... Continue Reading →