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Pre-fab Wood Wall Panels

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Reclaimed Wind Fence

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Skiplap Wall Cladding

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Sustainable Lumber News

“Red tape” could slow Montana firefighting efforts, but funding the bigger issue

Source: BY DENNIS BRAGG – KPAX · IMAGE BY VICTOR ZASTOLSKIY / DREAMSTIME.COM MISSOULA – Firefighting is entering a new era, as fire crews face blazes with greater intensity and fewer ... Continue Reading →

Why our kids need forests for true learning

Source: Market Watch By LINDAÅKESON MCGURK What if there were a better way to do early childhood education? It’s a common complaint among teachers as well ... Continue Reading →

Social Science

Source: The Forest Blog by Russ Vaagen I’ve been thinking about forest management as a social science for many years.  As a teen, I remember ... Continue Reading →

Forests most likely to burn would be thinned under Cantwell proposal that’s backed by Idaho’s senators

Source: Spokesman The U.S. Forest Service would get new rules to help fight wildfires in some of its most at-risk areas under a bipartisan plan ... Continue Reading →