Douglas Fir Flooring

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Pre-fab Wood Wall Panels

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Beetle Kill Pine T&G

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Skiplap Wall Cladding

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Sustainable Lumber News

Using Forests to Fight Climate Change

Source: Bloomberg Forests give us shade, quiet and one of the harder challenges in the fight against climate change. Even as we humans count on forests ... Continue Reading →

Foldable house made with CLT that can withstand an earthquake

Source: Through the years, architecture has been getting more and more futuristic. An example of the latest development in this field is the creation ... Continue Reading →

Cross-laminated Timber: the Future of Building?

Source: Seattle Business Magazine by Andrea Watts & Leslie Helm Before aerospace, software and coffee defined the Pacific Northwest, timber was the industry that fueled our economy. ... Continue Reading →

Cross Laminated Timber: ‘The greatest thing since sliced wood’

Source: The Daily World by DAN HAMMOCK   Cross laminated timber, or CLT, is being touted as a revolutionary and environmentally friendly building material that can ... Continue Reading →