Rustic Wood Flooring

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Pre-fab Wood Wall Panels

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Beetle Kill Pine T&G

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Skiplap Wall Cladding

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Sustainable Lumber News

Urban forests, and their rural cousins, help cities mitigate climate change

Soruce: Treesource Can innovative wood products and humans’ innate need to interact with nature help cities across the country achieve their commitments under the Paris ... Continue Reading →

Prescribed Fires

Source: U.S. Forest Service Prescribed fires create natural wildfire barriers by removing brush, shrubs, and small trees that fuel out-of-control wildfires. They also help fire-adapted ... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Forestry and Selective Harvesting

Source: Smart Loggers maintain sustainable forests by practicing selective logging. Timber, is a renewable resource, this fact makes forest timber products one of the ... Continue Reading →

sustainable doug fir flooring

Sustainable Wood Flooring

Trees are our breathing partners. You may not live in a forest, but you need trees in order to live. People and animals depend on ... Continue Reading →