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wood accent walls

The Look of Wood Takes the Building Industry by Storm

Source: Kristin Butler Design The word on the street is wood. Have you noticed it is everywhere? Storming both interior and exterior settings, wood is ... Continue Reading →

How More Rain and Booming Forests May Mean Wildfires and Dry Aquifers

Source: Mother Board It’s estimated the some 60 percent of freshwater in the United States comes from forests. Trees catch rain as it falls, serving ... Continue Reading →

Forestry Days: ESPN to film timber sports competition at Fort Missoula

Source: Missoulian We in western Montana can see it any ol’ day, but the Garrett Grothen Memorial Arena at Fort Missoula will be something special ... Continue Reading →

rustic modern

Metal + Wood: a match made in – interior design – heaven

Source: Huffington Post When it comes to interior design, balance is everything. When a space is well-balanced, it is not only esthetically pleasing to the ... Continue Reading →