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Beetle Kill Blue Stain Pine

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Pallet Wood Wall Panels

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blue stain pine ceiling

Beetle Kill Pine; Compare before you buy

Our beetle kill pine is salvaged from trees that range from 100-400 years old. We are the only manufactures that specifically harvest beetle kill Ponderosa ... Continue Reading →

Bathroom wall pallet wood

Pallet Wood Accent Wall

Just received this before and after picture of our Pallet Wood Panels used as an accent wall. Specifications on our Pallet Wood Wall Panels. Patent Pending ... Continue Reading →

Beetle Killed trees

Dr. Seuss Explains the Rocky Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic

Source: New West Photo Compliments of : Big Sky Country Photos I will not eat green pine, says Flea. Trees do not taste so good ... Continue Reading →

Missoula Youth Homes

We’re proud to have been a part of Missoula Youth Homes new facility. Missoula Youth Homes provides the following services to local families and kids: ... Continue Reading →