Company Story

About Sustainable Lumber Company:

Sustainable Lumber Co. is situated within the pristine mountains of Montana. Well known for artisan craftsmanship our millwork plant is located within a small rural Mennonite community. A collaborated partnership of nine families collectively work together to handcraft our extensive lines of flooring & wall paneling. Our company services a wide range of customers and projects from do-it-yourselfers, small cabins, residential homes, second homes, developers, resort communities, large commercial projects, state & federal parks, government project, and restaurants across the country.

100% of our products are sourced locally from salvaged, reclaimed, recycled, and sustainably harvested sources. Our zero waste policy allows us to use everything we harvest. All unusable wood is converted into clean biomass energy which heats our kilns, facility, and office. All sawdust and chips are donated to local ranchers for animal bedding. All #2 grade flooring is donated to non profit organizations for low income housing.

Our Process:

 We know every board, personally. Artisan style craftsmanship goes into every handcrafted floor and door they produce. Every board is personally handled up to 12 times allowing the opportunity to check quality and detail at every step.

Once kiln dried to 6% moisture content, rough blanks are individually selected for grade, character, and color. We only use #1 grade for of our product lines and donate all #2 grade to non profits like Habitat for Humanity. Over 30,000 square feet is donated annually.

Our pre-finished flooring is hand rubbed and hand sanded producing an artisan style appearance. Hand rubbing insures the highest quality finish which cannot be duplicated by a machine.

We have no secretes. We are very transparent which is obvious because we personally invite every customer to view their flooring as it’s being manufactured. We are not optimized like most of our competitors, nor do we want to be. We believe in artisan craftsmanship which cannot be duplicated by a computer. We are not and will never be a huge flooring and door company, we believe in people and craftsmanship which is very obvious when you visit us. We physically check quality and craftsmanship at every step throughout our process. We know every board personally and here’s why:

  1. Logs are cut into flooring and door blanks which are graded to an appearance grade in the rough
  2. Flooring and door blanks are then hand graded and trimmed to designated flooring lengths and widths
  3. Flooring and door blanks are then stacked into units on kiln stickers and visually graded again as they are packaged in preparation for the kiln
  4. Flooring and door blanks are then carefully slowly seasoned in the kiln to 6%. After kiln drying every piece is personally hand feed and visually graded before entering the moulder
  5. Molder speed is set for 30 feet per minute upon which every board is visually inspected and graded into 2 stacks; appearance and cabin grade
  6. Flooring and door boards are then textured, sanded, or both and personally inspected at every step
  7. After sanding every board is carefully and personally inspected one more time and then sent to the pre-finished flooring and door shop
  8. Every board is then pre-finished into flooring or manufactured into a custom made door,  which is visually inspected at least 3 more times during the hand sanding and hand rubbed staining process
  9. Every piece is hand stacked on drying racks and visually inspected as it dries
  10. After air drying naturally for up to 48 hours every piece is then visually inspected one last time prior to packaging and delivery

Sustainable Lumber Co. Mission Statement:

Our promise to you is to never compromise quality, business ethics, reputation, or service.

At Sustainable Lumber Co. we combine local timber, artisan quality, and Montana integrity. Our company is like family; we look after each other, we work hard and play hard. We’re not in business to get rich, we’re in business to make a good honest living and raise our families in what we view as God’s country.

Thank you for trusting us on your next project, you won’t be disappointed

Salvaged Timber:

Dallis and Maggie HunterDallis and Maggie Hunter manage private ranches and supply all the beetle kill pine timber used for Sustainable Lumber Companies product lines. 

Dallis started his career in the woods in 1977. Within one year he noticed the need for sustainable forestry and started managing forests on 2 local ranches. A large portion of the salvage timber was unacceptable to the local sawmills due to rot, cracks, splits, etc. Dallis saw the beauty in all the timber and purchased a small sawmill to start rescuing the usable wood. He quickly discovered the beautiful colors created from the Mountain Pine Beetle.

To date Dallis has rescued millions of board feet of salvaged timber and left behind a beautifully managed healthy forest. Countless hours of pruning healthy trees, strategically placed snags for wildlife habitat, and hundreds of miles of reseeded forest is the only footprint he leaves behind.Logger of the year

The Montana Tree Farm Association recently rewarded Dallis “Logger of the year” for his work in sustainable forestry and land management. 

Our collective goal at Sustainable Lumber Co. is to leave Montana a healthier and better place for the next generation of good stewards.