Real Wood Floors

Posted: October 19, 2020

For years our customers have been asking us to manufacture an engineered hardwood flooring. Obviously this is no small task and a huge financial investment. We are very proud to announce our partnership with “Real Wood Floors” out of Missouri, we will now be distributing their exclusive lines of engineered hardwood flooring!

We’ve been looking for the right partner for over a year, we needed to be assured whatever company we chose aligned with our commitment to quality, business ethics, reputation, mission, and service.

We are currently featuring 4 collections on our website, but can provide any floor available on their website at Delivery available anywhere in the continental U.S.

Featured Collections and details can be viewed on our website at:


Engineered floors are composed of multiple sheets (called “plies”) of wood pieced together to create a single plank. The layers which make up Engineered floors are arranged in opposing directions. This is often known as “cross-ply” construction. This method effectively guards the flooring against moisture-related problems. The planks’ arrangement causes the expansions and contractions to counter one another, limiting or reducing the amount of cupping and crowning a floor can exhibit when exposed to differing levels of humidity. Engineered floors are versatile, allowing them to be installed in any part of the home whether it be the basement or directly on slab. These floors can be stapled, glued, nailed, or even floated over existing subfloors.

Thank you for trusting us on your next project, you won’t be disappointed.