We know every board, personally

Posted: July 1, 2019

We know every board of our handmade wood floors and wall paneling, personally. Artisan-style craftsmanship goes into every handcrafted floor and wall we produce. Every board is personally handled up to 12 times allowing the opportunity to check quality and detail at every step.

Once kiln-dried to 6% moisture content, rough blanks are individually selected for grade, character, and color. Only the highest quality wood is used for our artisan wood floors, walls, and other products, all seconds are donated to nonprofit organizations.

Our pre-finished artisan wood floors and wall paneling are hand-rubbed and hand-sanded producing its appearance. Hand-rubbing ensures the highest quality finish which cannot be duplicated by a machine.

We have no secrets and are a very transparent company. We are not optimized like most of our competitors, nor do we want to be. We believe in artisan craftsmanship which cannot be duplicated by a machine. We are not and will never be a huge flooring and paneling company, we believe in people and craftsmanship which is very obvious if you visit us. We physically check quality and craftsmanship at every step throughout our process. We know every board of our handmade wood floors and walls personally and here’s why:

  1. Logs are cut into flooring and wall blanks which we visually grade for quality and character in the rough.
  2. Flooring and wall blanks are then hand graded and trimmed to designated flooring lengths and widths.
  3. Flooring and wall blanks are then stacked into units on kiln stickers and visually graded again as they are packaged in preparation for the kiln.
  4. Flooring and wall blanks are then slowly dried in our kiln to 6-8% moisture content. After kiln drying, every piece is personally hand felt and visually graded before entering the molder.
  5. Molder speed is set for 30 feet per minute, upon which every board is visually inspected and graded into 2 stacks; appearance and cabin grade.
  6. The artisan hardwood floor and wall boards are then textured, sanded, or both and personally inspected at every step.
  7. After sanding every board is carefully and personally inspected one more time and then sent to our pre-finish shop.
  8. Every board is then pre-finished into flooring or one of our extensive lines of wall products. We visually inspect at least 3 more times during our hand sanding and hand-rubbed staining process
  9. Every piece is hand stacked on drying racks and visually inspected as it dries.
  10. After air-drying naturally for up to 48 hours every piece is then visually inspected one last time prior to packaging and delivery.

Thank you for trusting us with your next project, you won’t be disappointed.

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