Next new trend: Wood Statement Ceilings

Posted: July 22, 2019

Rustic wood accent walls have been the hot trend for sometime now, next up are statement ceilings. Unique real wood ceilings are the hot new trend in 2019 according to Pinterest.

Statement ceilings are a design trend we’re seeing a lot of in 2019. Texture and color is everything this year. Going back to a traditional era when ceiling textures and colors were a large part of design and architecture. With very minimal elements in a room or space you can create such mood or statement by just having a beautiful and unique ceiling. A simple, unique wood statement ceiling creates art on the ceiling and alleviates the need to add a large art piece or accent wall.

Our reclaimed wood wall panels and unfinished/prefinished wood flooring products are commonly used for statement ceilings. Here are a few of our favorite ceiling photo’s we’ve received this year.