Blackfoot River 130 Year Old Sinker Timbers

Posted: June 17, 2019

Looking for wood with a story? The Blackfoot River in Montana was made famous by Brad Pitt’s award winning movie ” A River Run’s Through it”. A dam was constructed on the Blackfoot river in 1886 to hold logs floated downstream from the timber rich Potomac Valley. In an effort to restore the declining native bull trout population, the dam was dismantled in 2006. Working with local reclamation company’s, we are now stocking the original timbers from the dam which have been submerged under water for 120 years. Various sizes and lengths, quantities are very limited.

Reclaimed river wood from the original dam built in 1886 on the famous Blackfoot River in Montana now available. Quantities are very limited for this treasured piece of Montana History.

The Blackfoot River was made famous by Brad Pitt in the award winning film “A River Run’s Through It”. Built in 1886 the dam was constructed to hold logs floated downstream from the timber rich Potomac Valley.

The Blackfoot River is famed for legendary trout fishing, however erection of the Blackfoot Dam disrupted spawning runs for the native bull trout population.  By 1998 the native bull trout were officially listed as a threatened species.

In 2006, 120 years later, removal of the Blackfoot dam went under way. Full remediation and restoration is estimated to take 10 years, but today the confluence of the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers are slowly being returned to their natural stream flows and habitat. Long term plans include a state park with picnic area, fishing access, kayaking, rafting, and miles of walking and hiking trails.



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