Video: How our Beetle Kill Pine products have evolved over time

Posted: January 14, 2019

The Mountain Pine Beetle has decimated millions of acres of Pine trees in Western North America. As these trees stand dead in the forest they start to dry out, rot, crack, and split. Salvaging and producing long lengths, wide dimensions, and large timbers used to be a commonality, however as these trees continue to degrade on the stump our product lines have continued to evolve.  We’ve adjusted our products around what these beautiful trees will yield, an evolution of exclusive product lines are the result.

Getting creative and working around what usable fiber is left within each tree is no easy task. However some of our most popular and beautiful product lines have become the result. Recent new products like our Beetle Kill Pine Prefab Wall Panels and our Skiplap Wall Cladding have been the result of salvaging what usable wood fiber there is left within these trees.

Creativity, forward thinking, and finding new ways to salvage wood has always been Sustainable Lumber Company’s  strength. We will continue to develop new product lines around these trees until they are simply to rotten to save, what a sad day that will be.