Foldable house made with CLT that can withstand an earthquake

Posted: January 11, 2018


Through the years, architecture has been getting more and more futuristic. An example of the latest development in this field is the creation of Italian architect Renato Vidal. He developed an earthquake-proof foldable house, that comes prefabricated and only takes less than a day toinstall.

The project is called the M.A.Di home. It is an A-shaped house that can be folded down completely flat which makes it easy and economical to ship. They have also been built specifically to withstand earthquakes using cross-laminated timber (CLT). M.A.Di home comes in different sizes, which are: 7-sq m (290-sq ft) tiny home, a 46-sq m (495-sq ft) or 56-sq m (603-sq ft) double home, and a 70-sq m (753-sq ft) or 84-sq m (904-sq ft) triple family house.  They all have two levels, a kitchen, a dining area, a bathroom, and bedroom(s). The tiny module costs US$25,195, while the largest module costs US$73,385.

“Thanks to the home’s steel profile and steel hinges we can open and close this module with ease. When the module is closed and folded for transportation the packed height measures 1.5 m (4.9 ft), and then when it is opened on site, it has a height of 6.5 m (21.3 ft).” Domenico Antonucci from Area Legno, the Italian wood specialist that manufactures the M.A.Di, told New Atlas. Since urban areas are continuing to crowd, economic housing projects such as M.A.Di home are very helpful. Since it does not need any ground-level foundations, it can be used as either a temporary or permanentstructure.

The home folds up compact that it can be folded and kept in storage as emergency housing or could be used as an investment for the future. The modules can be joined together so owners could have bigger houses as their family grows as well.

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