The Advantages of Using Shiplap vs. Drywall


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Cost – Although an individual sheet of drywall is fairly inexpensive, it the finishing process that can be both time-consuming and expensive. Drywall can be a long, tedious and messy process if you attempt to tackle it yourself. And if you hire that task out – the budget for drywall can soar quickly!

Durability – Shiplap is 3/4″ thick and made of solid wood, so it can take a beating and still look great. We have all been witness to an object, hand, arm, or even a foot accidentally going through drywall. Drywall also has the tendency to dent and scratch easily.

When using shiplap – that simply doesn’t happen. Even better, if it does get a little scrape or ding, it simply adds a little more character to that type of wall. Divots, dings and holes in drywall are rarely, if ever, looked upon as character building.

And in the case of potential water damage or flooding, once again shiplap comes through with flying colors.  Let a few inches of water touch drywall, and the water wicks up the board and ruins it completely. That is not the case with shiplap. The solid wood can easily dry out and keep on serving for years without the worry of stains or unhealthy mold.

Simple To Install

Ease and Time Savings of Installation – Installing shiplap couldn’t be easier. Whether using the traditional rabbit edge, or the tongue and groove boards like we did, it goes up quickly. Installation is as easy as setting on the groove, leveling, and nailing. And for tools, you only need a saw, nail gun, level, hammer, and a block of wood.

Drywall on the other hand can be a bit more tedious to install, especially for the do-it-yourselfer. Between installing the sheets and applying the tape and mud, it’s a process that can go on forever.  And that’s before sanding!

Painting and Care –  When it comes to finishing, shiplap once again takes the award over drywall. Although it can easily be painted once installed, we pre-painted so the walls were completely finished as soon as we nailed them up. No waiting for that messy mudding and sanding to take place before a primer and paint can be applied.

Cleaning is a breeze. It’s as simple as taking a damp rag over the painted surface, with no worries about damaging the wall like you might with a paper-backed drywall board.

So if you are thinking of building a home, or remodeling a room – think about using shiplap!