2017 Wood Flooring Trends

Posted: January 30, 2017

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Don’t make the outdated choice when you update your floors – use these 2017 wood flooring trends to choose something durable and stylish that will stay in style the lifetime of your floor.

Can you believe it’s already almost 2017?! It seems like just yesterday we were chatting about the 2016 flooring trends.

Well, it is (almost) a new year and we have some new styles. Many things have stayed the same, but we’ve got some fresh, new wood flooring trends heading your way that you may not have seen out in the world just yet.

Wood flooring is a classic choice and, even with the influx of wood-look flooring options, there will always be a market for wood flooring.

That doesn’t mean it has to be boring or the same old, same old! Wood flooring trends are still constantly developing, offering a new and stylish twist on an old classic.


What Other Experts Are Saying

When it comes to trends and style, we want to make sure you’re getting a well-rounded opinion. Here’s a look at what other industry experts are anticipating in 2017:

“For 2017, we don’t see any slowdown of the current preferences for wide plank in gray tones with extremely low-sheen finishes.” – Kim Wahlgren, Hardwood Floors Mag, Editor1

“I anticipate an increase in the demand for affordable, local, sustainable flooring products. Local wood reclamation, whether that wood is being salvaged from old barns or rescued from underneath old and outdated carpeting, is going to be popular across the country. I also imagine we will see an increase in popularity of lighter wood flooring, even softer wood like pine and cork, and lighter stains on wood flooring, as lighter color floors pair well with trendy bright and bold paint and wallpaper colors.” – Cindy Weinstock, The Flooring Lady

“For 2017 we’re seeing a continued desire for wider and longer hardwood planks, and also a more informal layout using different width planks.  Wider planks have the advantage of creating a more unified look – with fewer joint lines – which also highlights the inherent aesthetic of the wood, that is to say the knots and grain.
Because texture is going to be important this year, we are expecting to see increased popularity for hardwoods that have distinct hand-crafted finishes, such as hand scrapped and wire-brushed finishes.
Whilst gray tones are still going to be hugely popular, we might also see a growing return back to more natural and dark wood tones.  And one key trend that is certain to hit consumers in 2017 is herringbone and chevron parquet designs which are being heavily featured on trend-setting home décor and renovation shows and websites this year.” – Jamie, Home Flooring Pros

2017 Wood Flooring Color Trends

Typical, predictable and neutral wood flooring is out this year. Instead, homeowners are looking for bold looks that make their home stand out above the rest.

Expect to see colors at each end of the spectrum with much less of the traditional wood coloring.

Dark Stained Wood Floors

Talk about making a statement! These dark stained wood floors are (often) contrasting bright whites, particularly with the huge white cabinet trend going on right now.

While these dark floors are beautiful, they can tend to make your room look small and show dirt/dust more easily.

Will they stick around for the long haul?

Eh, I’m not so sure.  The more “extreme” color trends tend to come and go on their own cycle. However, you can certainly expect to see espresso brown, almost black floors throughout 2017 and probably for a solid 5 years beyond.

Blonde Wood Floors

Extremes. Super dark and super light, and not much in between.

Light, blonde wood is gaining steam. Light colors make your space look bigger, brighter and more open. They also hide the fact that you haven’t cleaned your floor in 2 weeks a whole lot better than their darker counterpart.

I have to admit, I used to turn my nose up at these lighter varieties. I was a total dark wood gal, but recently, I’ve seen the light. <– see what I did there?

In all seriousness, seeing the new gorgeous blonde woods coming onto the market has completely changed my mind. You’ll see how the lighter flooring brightens up the entire space. It’s even better with natural light!

If you ask me, this new, unique wood look will become a trend-turned-classic before you’re even thinking about switching it up to something new.

Gray Wood Floors

Yes, still.

A few years ago I might have claimed that this was a fad; a trend that would soon be on its way out. However, these gray floors are still going strong, and we don’t expect that to change anytime in the next decade.

I know, I know., I told just you 2017 is all about extremes and gray is anything but. Gray is the exception. Gray is special.

This neutral, calming color has been picking up steam for years and is quickly becoming a staple in the modern household.

Gray appears to be here for the long haul, and it is even accompanied by trendy new gray cabinets and other decor. In fact, in my home, the baseboards and interior doors are all gray and we are constantly getting compliments on our color choice.

I say, if you like it, go for it – it’s not going anywhere soon! In fact, gray will probably stay in style at least until it’s time for you to purchase new floors anyway.

2017 Wood Flooring Texture Trends

There are so many factors that make up the look of a gorgeous wood floor. Color is often the first thing people think of, but texture can make even more of a statement. Both good and bad.

You’ll notice that, in 2017, flooring is all about texture. In fact, companies are going through so much trouble to add texture to smoother surfaces to give homeowners the rustic, earthy feel that is so in right now.

There are many options when it comes to flooring texture – all those scrapes and marks are not always the same. Here’s an idea of what to look for.

Hand Scraped Wood Floors

Rustic, natural and unique hand scraped hardwood floors are making a statement in a big way!

Hand scraping makes each plank appear to be handcrafted and one of a kind. Long, ingrained scrapes show in the finish, leaving the floor looking finished, classic and rare. This is quite the process, and the sticker price shows!

This unique, individual, handcrafted look will absolutely stand the test of time. It looks expensive, and people love expensive.

**Note: Be careful purchasing hand scraped wood floors. Many companies will call their floors hand scraped, but they really use a machine making each plank look similar and more uniform. It is less expensive for them, but it does not offer the same effect.

Wire Brushed Wood Floors

Often mistaken with hand scraped wood, wire brushing gives floors an aged, distressed look. These intentional scratches not only give the wood a unique style but also hide new scratches, dirt and dust, making them a popular choice for families and homeowners with pets.

Remember when those distressed, holey, ripped jeans were the thing? Like, actually spending1 extra money to have someone damage your jeans?

It’s like that trend, but for wood flooring. And actually cool.

I mean, it’s the same idea – you are literally paying extra to achieve that distinct rustic look. But, it looks beautiful. And (often times) it’s worth it.

How will this trend survive? I believe there will always be a market for this type of flooring. However, it will likely only be a hot and trendy choice for the next 5-7 years.

2017 Wood Floor Finishing Trends

Gone are the days of ultra glossy finishes. Homeowners are now choosing understated, flat finishes with less shine.

Just like photos, glossy is just that – glossy; reflecting light, shiny, lustrous and practically unignorable. Matte finish is that flat finish that your fingers don’t stick to. It can look dull, but it looks much more natural and is often a stylistic choice for both flooring and photos.

Satin Finished Wood Floors

A perfect compromise in between glossy and matte, satin finishes are (typically) about 40% lustrous (i.e., shiny). As the trends change and homeowners are beginning to prefer less polished flooring, satin is not such a drastic step. It’s a practical step back and was the most popular flooring finish in 2016.

The great thing about this middle-of-the-road option is you can be (almost) certain that this finish will never go out of style. I believe trends will go more and more towards matte finishes as the years go on, but eventually, that trend will change and we will be moving back towards the glossier looks.

This means satin finishes will stay current through all of that, making them the safest choice for the longest life of your floor.

Matte Finished Wood Floors

Previously thought of as dull and boring, matte finished wood floors are stepping into the spotlight. While people are still leaning towards satin finishes, this trend is in the very early stages and hasn’t yet reached its prime.

Personally, I am all about the matte look. Just a personal preference, but I do not like my floors shiny. Unless it’s bathroom tile.

While I don’t predict matte finish will be the thing forever, it will likely continue to grow in popularity over the next 5-10 years.

2017 Wood Floor Layout & Pattern Trends

People are getting ultra creative when it comes to the layout of their floor. Patterns, angles, you name it. Of course, not all patterns are created equal.

There are plenty of dated pattern looks or patterns that only work in specific situations. However, there are plenty of hot looks going on right now that anyone can rock with the right modern decor.

Let’s look at what’s hot right now.

Herringbone Wood Floors

We’re not talking the 1970s short plank parquet flooring. New, trendy herringbone flooring layouts typically use longer planks and add interest and depth to the eye.

This trend isn’t likely to last forever, but it sure looks pretty while it’s here.

Diagonal / Angled Wood Floors

My favorite. Homeowners are changing things up by laying their wood flooring at an angle rather than straight on. This gives your floor (and home) a unique, modern and expensive look.

It does cost more in materials (and often installation), but the outcome is dreamy, yet still uncommon enough to maintain its luster.

Can it still be a trend if it’s uncommon? I think so.

Yes, expect to see these angled wood floors every once in awhile for decades to come. The rareness, in my opinion, means this trend won’t quickly grow old like others – I expect it to have a longer shelf life.

Wide Plank Wood Floors

It’s no secret that larger planks make your room look bigger. These large planks look modern, elegant and expensive in any room in the home.

Are you thinking about jumping on board? Well, you should!

Manufacturers are only trending towards even wider and longer planks. This trend will soon become a classic staple and will likely last the test of time.

Mixed Width Wood Floors

Our eyes love detail and the unexpected. That is why it is no surprise that mixed width wood floors are in demand.

Mixed width hardwood floors (unsurprisingly) combine multiple width planks to make the flooring pop. This can be done in a pattern or randomly for more variety.

As far as longevity, we predict this trend will be around for a while, but it is unlikely that it will become a flooring staple.

2017 Trending Wood Flooring Types

You have so many options these days when it comes to wood flooring. Traditional, “new” wood flooring is out, and some new characters have joined the party.

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re steering away from the sleek and shiny and trending towards warm, inviting looks with plenty of character. These types of wood flooring are less Hollywood glamor and more your grandmother’s home cooking if you get what I mean.

Reclaimed Wood

Unique, durable and green, with each plank telling a story, it’s no wonder reclaimed wood has taken off so quickly.

Reclaimed wood simply means taking old building materials and re-using them. Essentially, recycling. We all want something different that doesn’t look just like our neighbor’s house and reclaimed wood offers just that unique look.

As reclaimed wood gains popularity, it becomes increasingly more rare and difficult to find, only making it that much more popular. My guess is that this will be a trend that sticks around for a decade or so until something different comes along.


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