The Look of Wood Takes the Building Industry by Storm

Posted: May 5, 2016

Source: Kristin Butler Design

Pallet wood wallsThe word on the street is wood. Have you noticed it is everywhere? Storming both interior and exterior settings, wood is making a comeback in a fresh and exciting way. We are not talking about old school 1960’s paneled rooms and dark dated trim. Now it’s all about wood accent walls and other unique features. Adding a touch of warmth and texture to a contemporary space is easier than.ever.

As commercial interior designer Kristin Butler of Kristin Butler Design says, “I believe a part of the desire to have wood exposed in architectural applications is directly related to the ‘craft’ movement we are in right now. Everyone is empowered to be a maker, a crafter, a DIY-er. We celebrate accessible materials that we can manipulate with a few simple tools. Sites like Etsy and Pinterest offer endless wood design ideas that make it easy and affordable to add wood to the simplest of projects.”

Using reclaimed wood is one of the most popular choices for interior settings. Reclaimed wood is found in old barns and other buildings and is then brought back to life in sophisticated interior design applications. As Butler says, “Wood is a material that can show age. Right now you’re a hip business if you are located in a renovated warehouse. The more you use the look of reclaimed materials, the better. We celebrate pieces with a story, and wood is a material that can show history, age, wear…the more stories the better.” According to Five fresh interior design trends using wood, ceilings and accent walls are the perfect interior spaces for wood. Using a wood application on a wall can add personality to a room and applying to a ceiling can bring eyes to look up and discover architectural interest.

wood accent wallsThe wood look is not only popular for interiors, but is also making a statement in exterior settings. Wood can add either a modern or rustic feel and is used in single-family homes, multi-family homes and commercial settings. Butler says, “The architectural world is embracing wood as an organic element that balances the coldness of other materials.” Wood adds warmth, sophistication, and depth to any project. Houzz features several exterior wood designs that showcase the natural beauty ofwood.

The great thing about wood is it stands the test of time. As Butler puts it, “Wood shows up in design in every era of history. Once a natural resource used for its strength and easy manipulation, now it has become much more than a building material– it can be your floor, your walls, your ceiling, your art… it has become so effortless to alter and manipulate, it can be treated to support any aesthetic you desire.” Want the wood look without using actual wood? You’re in luck. Wood is trending so much that other durable products are embodying the look of wood. These include wood grained tiles, wood wallpaper, fiber cement cladding and other building materials used to create a wood alternative. There are so many ways to enjoy wood, it is hard to choose just one.