Industrial Rustic Design

Posted: November 6, 2015

Source: Build Direct
Written by Anabelle Bernard Fournier

industrial rustic designRustic Industrial Flooring &Decor

There’s an interesting trend going around right now, especially in urban areas: matching industrial spaces with rustic decor elements. There sure seems to be a kind of kinship between the two: both remind us of work (factory work, manual labor) and they use the same kinds of materials, albeit in different ways.

You get lots of metal and wood, shapes that are utilitarian rather than decorative, and the charm that comes from choosing just the right kind of accessory to bring a little bit of comfort into a space that could otherwise look cold and unwelcoming.

The warmth of wood

Something you’ll find in a lot of these spaces: wood. Exposed wood beams, original wood walls, and rustic wood furniture are staples of rustic industrial decor.

Rustic Kitchen by Emmaus Kitchen & Bath Designers Jarrett Design, LLC

This is the quintessential example of a rustic kitchen with an industrial spin. The exposed brick walls, the wood beams, and the middle island definitely say “old-timey”, while the metal stools, the open shelving, and the professional-grade cooking range fit the industrial style. And… Is that a swing?

Here’s another example in a different style.

Contemporary Kitchen by Solana Beach Architects & Designers KW Designs

The wide-open space, stainless tabletop and fridge, and metal chairs all belong in an industrial setting, while the wood beams and the painted wood island give a rustic touch that warms up this other cold color scheme.

Metal is cool

Now, if you want to add some industrial openness to a rustic space, there’s nothing like a good sheet of reclaimed metal or stainless steel appliances.

Contemporary Kitchen by Houston Home Builders Parker House Inc.

This super interesting kitchen joins a rustic infrastructure (wood ceiling, flooring, and cabinets) to definitely industrial stainless steel. The wood looks either natural and untreated or rustic with worn and peeled paint. This kitchen has a similar but opposite balance to the first picture I showed.

Rustic Kitchen by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Staprans Design

This kitchen uses metal as an accessory, an accent. The rustic flooring and cabinets contrast with the industrial hutch and the metal pieces joining the wood beams. I like the metal ropes linking the joints together; it feels like the industry that was here just up and left yesterday, and left behind this beautiful kitchen. This definitely has major style.

In softer touches

But one does not need to live in a reclaimed warehouse to combine rustic and industrial. There are ways to bring these styles together in ordinary home spaces, albeit in more subtle ways.

Contemporary Home Office by Mill Valley Interior Designers & Decorators Jute Interior Design

For example, this office space uses a rustic table with industrial light fixtures and chairs. Metal, especially stainless steel, always has that effect. The exposed wood beams also help mimic an industrial space, so it was clever of the designer to use this feature and expand on it.

Eclectic Kitchen by Austin Photographers Sarah Natsumi Moore

Here again is your typical rustic industrial interior design for a kitchen: stainless steel, wood, open shelving. However, the absence of ceiling beams makes this room seem a bit more approachable and homier. The green striped wall softens the whole.

Contemporary Kitchen by Austin Kitchen & Bath Designers Twelve Stones Designs

Here, industrial takes center stage as the rustic wood of the floor and the stools stay in the background. The HVAC pipe at the ceiling along with exposed beams and stainless steel range add to the industrial look. And what a great way to shelve your cooking books!

Eclectic Living Room by Granville Architects & Designers ENJOY Co.

And since I think we’ve had enough of kitchens, here’s something different: an industrial living room with a rustic touch. The garage door is definitely industrial, but we bet this space gets plenty of light. The exposed HVAC pipe and metal chairs add to the style, while the untreated floor and rustic wood table make the whole warmer and more comfortable. I also like the greenery, which is an interesting contrast to the greys and browns.