Industrial Rustic Design

Posted: August 3, 2015

Industrial RusticRaw metal. Rock and Brick. Reclaimed and rustic wood. Mixed materials. What style are we referring to? Whether you said “industrial” or  “rustic”, you’reright!

What is “rustic”?
What’s great about rustic is that anything goes — just so long as it’s comfortable, simple and functional! Found objects and repurposed materials are staples, such as distressed and weatherworn wood. If you’re thinking “lodge-chic,” you’re spot on. Woven, heavily textured, quilted and patterned fabrics provide some color and a feminine feel. Material mash-ups are common with this style, meaning furniture and décor items are made of mixed materials (different wood grains, metal finishes or fabric textures), like these tables with barnwood tops and painted chairs, cabinets with mix-and-match hardware, and quilted upholstery.

What is “industrial”?
Found objects are common in industrial, too, but these are often an eclectic mix of factory castoffs and recycled materials that speak to America’s hard-working heritage. While rustic leans more toward a feminine feel, industrial furnishings are often more masculine, as portrayed with dark metals, distressed woods and heavy hardware. This style exudes casual sophistication and can come across with an unfinished appearance. A great way to complete an industrial chic atmosphere is with a visually striking statement piece, such as cinder block shelving. That said, you’ve got it nailed if you’re bringing a bit of history to a new environment with salvaged or reclaimed items.

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