Newly Released Forest Service Tree Mortality Charts for Western Bark Beetle has California at 800,000 Acres for 2014

Posted: May 5, 2015

Source: Gold Rush Cam

Mountain Pine Beetle MortalityApril 2015 –  Melissa Jenkins, USDA Forest Service  – The Areas with Tree Mortality from Bark Beetles, Summary for 2000 – 2014, in the Western US, is now available.  

The findings show a 24.3 million acre footprint for mountain pine beetle and a 49.8 million acre footprint for all western bark beetles over the past 15 years.  Many areas of pest activity overlap from year to year.  The footprint areas are the cumulative area covered by pest activity with no double counting of acres between years.  24 species of bark beetles were included in the calculation.  Complexes, insect/disease and other multi damage phenomena that contain a bark beetle component like five-needle pine decline, subalpine fir mortality, true fir pest complex, and pinyon pine mortality are also included.  

To view the fact sheet and the acres summary by year, please visit: or see below graphics.

The Areas with Tree Damage from Defoliation, Summary for 2005 – 2014, is also available.  

The findings show a 50.7 million acre footprint for areas with defoliation over the past 10 years.  The top 20 agents causing defoliation have been identified, with five agents reporting the most damage.  To view the fact sheet, the acres summary by year, and the top five defoliator details, please visit:

The 2014 Annual Insect and Disease Detection Survey Maps are also available. 

The findings show a 4.7 million acre footprint for areas with tree mortaltiy and a 5.9 million acre footprint for areas with “other” damage including defoliation, discoloration, dieback, topkill, branch breakage, branch flagging and main stem broken/uprooted.  To view the annual survey summary maps, please visit: