Beetle Kill Pine paneling

Posted: February 11, 2014

Beetle kill pine woodBeetle Kill Pine Paneling

Unlike other beetle kill pine on the market, ours is much different. We hand select old growth beetle kill Ponderosa Pine versus the commercially harvested lodge pole pine most commonly found on the market. The average age of our beetle kill pine ranges from 200-400 years old and stands dead in the forest for up to 5 years. The longer a tree is allowed to stand dead naturally in the forest the richer and more dramatic the colors will be. Commercially logged beetle kill pine sometimes found in a lumber yard or online is typically cut within 1 year of  its death because it was targeted for commodity lumber with little to no blue stain.

blue pine walls DSC_0775 DSC_0781


Our secret:

~ We hand pick beetle kill Ponderosa Pine trees that average 200-400 years old.

~ Aged like a fine wine our timber stands dead in the forest for up to 5 years. The longer it stands dead naturally in the wild the richer and more dramatic the color will be.

~ We visually grade and methodically cut every tree to maximize the natural color and character.

~ We slowly kiln dry every plank to 6-8% moisture. This helps reduce any chance of future movement in the board.

~ Every board is visually inspected and then milled into T&G flooring and paneling.

~ After milling we visually inspect every board and cut out any defects by hand.

~ Each individual flooring and paneling board is then end matched (T&G on the ends).

~ Our finished product is held to a higher standard and graded to our 99% usable tolerances.

~ If you find a higher quality beetle kill pine flooring or paneling on the market we’ll refund your money.

Call (406) 642-7120 with any questions you have about our pine paneling solutions.

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