Handcrafted Doug Fir Flooring

Posted: November 4, 2013

hand scraped hardwood flooringA common question we get is “why is your Douglas Fir Flooring different than other flooring on the market, and how is ithandcrafted”?

Well we don’t have many secrets here at Sustainable Lumber Co. we’re pretty transparent and I think that is very obvious to our customers. We’re not as optimized and efficient as our competitors, nor do we want to be. We believe in good’ol American craftsmanship that cannot be duplicated by a machine. We are not and will never be a huge flooring company, we believe in people and craftsmanship which is very obvious when you come out and visit us. We physically check quality and craftsmanship at every step throughout our process. We know every board personally and here’s why:

  1. All logs are visually cut and graded to meet our appearance standards
  2. Every plank is slowly cured and dried to 6-8% moisture content
  3. Every plank is visually graded before and after our milling process
  4. After milling, each flooring board is visual graded again and defect cut to a 99% usable product
  5. After defect cutting we end match (T&G on the ends) every board and grade once again before stacking
  6. After end matching our flooring gets textured, hand scraped, or sanded
  7. A final inspection is completed before pre-finishing
  8. Our pre-finishing is a 7 step process which includes: staining, hand rubbing, buffing, sanding, de nibbing, finish coating, and hand stacking
  9. After our flooring is fully cured we visually grade for the last time, hand package into mini bundles, and shrink wrap on a pallet
We believe in doing things the old fashioned way. Technology and automation are good things but it’s hard to replace a visual grading system.
We can’t thank our customers enough for their continued support and business. Without them we wouldn’t be able to pass on the love and passion for what we do. Grown, made, and handcrafted in the USA; try to find that in your local box store.
Wire brushed douglas fir flooring
Circular sawn douglas fir flooring
hand crafted doug fir flooring