Sustainable Lumber Sponsors “The Tiny House Project”

Posted: July 14, 2013

The Tiny ProjectWe were approached awhile ago about becoming a sponsor for “The Tiny House Project”well and of course we said yes. We love to support entrepreneurs and businesses who understand and support sustainableforestry.

What is the Tiny House Project? Here is an excerpt from Alek Lisefski, The brain behind The Tiny Project:
The Tiny Project is my attempt to live a simpler, more conscious, debt-free life, and in doing so helping to set and example and educate the community about alternative, affordable, more sustainable ways of living.

My name is Alek Lisefski. I live with my beautiful girlfriend, Anjali, and our angel of a dog, Anya. Go ahead and say it: that’s a lot of “A” names.

I’m a web designer by trade, and have a passion for the visual arts, the great outdoors, architecture, and all things natural and beautiful. I tend to find inspiration all around me, though currently all I do is stare at houses and get ideas.

The main aspect of the Tiny Project is to build a tiny house. Inhabiting such a small space will force me to live in a simpler, more organized and efficient way. Without room to hoard things and hide away from the world, I’ll be forced to spend more time outdoors, in nature and engaging with my community. This will foster better health and healthy relationships. With no more rent to pay, I’ll save money, allowing for a less hectic work life and more time and funds for health, leisure and travel. I won’t be able to keep closets full of clothes or store 5 year old trinkets in a house so small. But I also couldn’t possibly spend $100/month to heat the place, like I do with my apartment now. It has its trade-offs, but one thing is certain: While living in a such a small house, my space, and in turn each area of my life, will be simpler, less chaotic, and free from all but what is essential. That sounds really great to me!

The Tiny Project Renderings

In addition to serving my own needs, the Tiny Project house will benefit the Fairfield community through:

  • Educational opportunities & Internships through Maharishi University of Management
  • Paid work for students and anyone interested in sustainability or hands-on building and problem solving.
  • Community demos to bring awareness to tiny houses as cost-effective, low-impact, alternative ways of living.

This website will chronicle my experiences in design, planning and construction of my own tiny house, and all of the difficulties and lifestyle changes associated such an endeavor.


Here is a blog post from The Tiny House Project

Sustainable beetle kill lumber from the Sustainable Lumber Company

Today was exciting because I placed an order for some very cool (and 100% sustainable) Beetle Kill Blue Stain Pinefrom the Sustainable Lumber Company. Thank you Ryan for the discounted price. I’m more than happy to add you to my list ofsponsors!

Through use of dead, standing old-growth Poderosa Pine (killed by the latest pine beetle outbreak), the lumber is super eco-friendly and has a very unique and beautiful look. I’m excited to one day look up at this on my ceiling!

“Unlike most beetle kill pine on the market, ours is much different. We literally hand select old growth beetle kill Ponderosa Pine trees versus the commercially harvested lodge pole pine trees most commonly found on the market. The average age of our beetle kill pine range from 200-400 years old. Every tree is hand selected for size, color, and character. If you’re looking for a true sustainable wood product with the best color on the market you’ve came to the right place!  If you only care about the cheapest price, you don’t care about sustainable forestry, and you don’t want amazing color variations; we encourage you to look elsewhere.”