Blue stain beetle kill pine paneling

Posted: June 18, 2013

beetle kill pine wall panelingBlue Stain Pine Wall Paneling

Thanks to our customers, we’ve set record numbers for the past 6 months on our beetle kill pine product lines. We’ve now shipped to every state in the continental U.S. and our Canadian shipments have increased dramatically in the past few months. We just had a private homeowner drive all the way from Calgary Alberta to pick up some blue stain pine paneling. He mentioned he could purchase Canadian beetle-kill lodge pole pine but the color was “not even remotely close” to our Montana Ponderosa Beetle-Kill Pine Lumber.

Compared to large commodity sawmills we’re “small potatoes”; but thanks to our distributors, internet customers, and local support from organizations like the DNRC we’re quickly becoming one of the largest specialty suppliers of beetle kill pine in the U.S.

Millions of acres in Montana have been infested with the Mountain pine beetle, with your continued support we’re making a difference. We selective harvest and thin the forest while leaving a significant amount of trees intact for wildlife habitat. There is a balance, and sustainable forestry is the answer.

We love the forest and all the activities it provides. Through proper management and sustainable forestry, we’re doing everything we can to insure healthy forests for our kids and future generations. Every time you purchase our products you’re helping us improve the forest health in Montana or what we like to refer to as “God’s Country”.

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Beetle kill ponderosa pine planks

End view beetle kill pine

blue stain ponderosa pine