Handcrafted Douglas Fir Flooring

Posted: January 7, 2012

Hand crafted douglas fir doors and floorsA common question we get is why is your Douglas Fir Flooring different than other suppliers and how is ithandcrafted?

Well we don’t have many secrets here at Sustainable Lumber Co. we’re pretty transparent and I think that is very obvious to our customers. We’re not optimized and as efficient as our competitors, nor do we want to be. We believe in good’ol American craftsmanship and that cannot be duplicated by a machine. We are not and will never be a huge flooring and door company, we believe in people and craftsmanship which is very obvious when you come out and visit us. We physically check quality and craftsmanship at every stage and step throughout our process. We know every board personally and here’s why:

  1. All logs are cut into flooring and door blanks which are graded to a #2 & Btr appearance grade
  2. All flooring and door blanks are then hand graded and trimmed to our appropriate flooring lengths and widths
  3. Flooring and door blanks are then stacked into units on kiln stickers and visually graded again as we package them up for our kiln
  4. After kiln drying to 6% we hand feed every board into our moulder and visually grade prior to entering our moulder
  5. After running through our moulder we visual inspect every piece and grade into 2 stacks; appearance grade and cabin grade
  6. Our flooring and door boards are then textured, sanded, or both and personally inspected at every step
  7. After sanding we inspect one more time and then send the boards to our pre-finished flooring and door shop
  8. Our Douglas Fir hardwood boards are then pre-finished into flooring or manufactured into our custom made doors visually inspecting every piece at least 3 more times during our hand rubbed staining process
  9. We hand rack and stack every pre-finished flooring board and door and visually inspect every piece as it dries
  10. After drying we visually inspect one last time prior to packaging and delivery
We believe in doing things the old fashioned way. Technology and automation are good things but you just can’t replace them with good’ol common since.
We can’t thank our customers enough for your continued support and business. Without you we wouldn’t be able to pass on the love and passion for what we do, the hand crafted products we produce, and the vision of a truly handcrafted American made product to our sons and daughters.
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