Douglas Fir Flooring

Posted: December 10, 2011

Pre-finished circle sawn Douglas fir flooringWe at Sustainable Lumber Co. believe we have the finest Douglas Fir Flooring available. We know that sounds a bit arogant and we’re sorry, but here’swhy:

100% of our Douglas Fir Flooring is sourced from either SFI Certified (Sustainable Forest Initiative) or salvaged dead standing timber. Our flooring is slowly custom kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content and  handcrafted at a local Mennonite Community. We are not and will never be a high volume flooring producer, instead we take pride in our quality; and quality takes time. We run our flooring at 25′ per minute compared to other flooring manufactures that will run as high as 150′ per minute. Running at a slower speed reduces the amount of knife marks per inch and drastically decreases defects like torn grain and knot blow outs. Our flooring is graded into 2 products, #2 appearance and cabin grade. Our #2 appearance is graded to a select tight knot in contrast to our cabin grade which will contain characteristics like; torn grain, edge knots, small splits, and knot holes. Instead of defect cutting our cabin grade into short length #2 appearance grade, we sell as is which results in a great flooring product for the weekend warrior, remodeler, or local handy man.

Our pre-finished Douglas Fir Flooring is hand stained and hand sanded. These 2 arts are a lost trade in a time where most pre-finished wood flooring comes from over seas and is produced as fast as possible. Our flooring is produced the same way our ancestors did a 100 years ago. We are a very transperant company and if feasible strongly encourage our customers to come visit us prior to purchasing.

A personal thanks to all our customers for their continued support and business. Come on out see how we do things; join us at break time and enjoy a cup of coffee as we discuss how to solve the worlds problems.





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