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Montana forest shows carbon-sequestration potential of thinned acres

Source: The planet’s forests are a significant piece of the conversation about not only the impacts of climate warming, but also about strategies for ... Continue Reading →

SLA 2017

Source: The Forest Blog By Russ Vaagen What does SLA mean?  For those of you that haven’t been in the lumber world, it means Softwood ... Continue Reading →

North American Softwood Lumber: 20% Duty

Source: The Forest Blog By Russ Vaagen Something finally happened.  The US government imposed a 20% duty on Canadian softwood lumber imports to the United ... Continue Reading →

Do Trees Need People?

Source: Idaho Forest Products Commission The world’s oldest tree, a 9,550 year old spruce, was recently discovered in Sweden.1 This new-found spindly record holder is ... Continue Reading →

To save forests, cut some trees down, scientists say

Source: Science Mag By Ula Chrobak Forests are feeling the heat. In places like the American West, rising temperatures and drought mean less water for ... Continue Reading →

Active Management

Source: The Forest Blog By: Russ Vaagen What does active management mean for National Forests?  When people hear this or read this for the very ... Continue Reading →

Federal Land Management 2.017

Source: The Forest Blog By: Russ Vaagen If we are going to get better at managing lands we need a better land allocation method.  All ... Continue Reading →


Source: National Wildlife Federation Are you up for a challenge? We’ve put together a quiz with some tricky tree and wildlife questions from our wildlife ... Continue Reading →