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reclaimed wood accent wall

Summer Special, Reclaimed Wind Fence Planks

Summer Special, 30% off for a limited time only! Now only $3.99 per square foot + shipping. Time crafted from years of natural elements like ... Continue Reading →

Urban forests, and their rural cousins, help cities mitigate climate change

Soruce: Treesource Can innovative wood products and humans’ innate need to interact with nature help cities across the country achieve their commitments under the Paris ... Continue Reading →

Prescribed Fires

Source: U.S. Forest Service Prescribed fires create natural wildfire barriers by removing brush, shrubs, and small trees that fuel out-of-control wildfires. They also help fire-adapted ... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Forestry and Selective Harvesting

Source: Smart Loggers maintain sustainable forests by practicing selective logging. Timber, is a renewable resource, this fact makes forest timber products one of the ... Continue Reading →

sustainable doug fir flooring

Sustainable Wood Flooring

Trees are our breathing partners. You may not live in a forest, but you need trees in order to live. People and animals depend on ... Continue Reading →

hand scraped wood flooring

Feature: Hand Scraped Wood Flooring

Spotlight: Vintage Collection Douglas Fir Flooring Unlike other “hand scraped” flooring on the market, ours is actually scraped by hand with no power tools. Every floor ... Continue Reading →

Blue pine prefabricated wall panels

Evolution of our Beetle Kill Pine Products

The Mountain Pine Beetle has decimated millions of acres of Pine trees in Western North America. As these trees stand dead in the forest they ... Continue Reading →

California governor pledges to double forest thinning, burning to reduce wildfire risk

Source: Treesource California Governor Jerry Brown vowed last week to step up efforts to make forests more resilient to drought and wildfire by allocating more ... Continue Reading →