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How the invention of paper changed the world

Source: BBC Gutenberg figured out how to make large quantities of durable metal type and how to fix that type firmly enough to print hundreds ... Continue Reading →

Forests forever

Source: Linkedin By: John Matel I was talking to a couple people about building with wood. They acknowledged wood’s advantages, but asked if we would run ... Continue Reading →

The Tao of Forest Management

Source: Oregon State University When it comes to proper management of our public forests, some would like to take a page from the ancient Chinese ... Continue Reading →

Keep Public Lands Public

Source: The Forest Blog By: Russ Vaagen Public lands can and should remain public, with a caveat.  These federal lands need to be managed appropriately. ... Continue Reading →

Billings’ new city forester: ‘I just want people to appreciate trees as much as I do’

Source: Billings Gazette His job title — “city forester” — may sound like a contradiction. But Steve McConnell, who’s been on the job for the city of ... Continue Reading →

Is it time to rethink the Forest Service?

Source: The Forest Blog By: Russ Vaagen Since the Clinton years, the Forest Service has undergone a great deal of change.  The agency was producing ... Continue Reading →

Wildfires in Colorado could get worse because of state’s 834 million dead trees

Source: DENVER –  Colorado’s beetle-infested forests are peppered with an estimated 834 million standing dead trees that threaten to worsen wildfires and degrade vital ... Continue Reading →

Recreation wrapped in wood

Source: The Forest Blog By Russ Vaagen In the last blog post, I didn’t get a good chance to wrap the story of recreation and ... Continue Reading →