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We’re Entering an Era of Mega-Fire

Source: Outside Online A new book by Heather Hansen explores the complicated world of wildland-urban interface firefighting as it unfolded in the Cold Springs Fire ... Continue Reading →

What the Wildfire Funding Fix Means for Recreation

Source: REI Following the devastating and deadly wildfires of 2017, federal lawmakers agreed last week—after years of negotiation—to change the way wildland firefighting is funded. ... Continue Reading →

How to Specify the Right Wood Floor for the Job

Source: Earth Elements by Lavinia Rathbun Wood flooring can add a gorgeous luxurious feel to any room. Because wood flooring is an investment, we want ... Continue Reading →

Climate Change Theory

Source: The Forest Blog by Russ Vaagen Climate Change caused by human activity is a theory.  Is it possible that human activity is influencing the ... Continue Reading →

Save our national forests with a simple fire funding fix

Source: Denver Post It should be a simple nonpartisan fix to a budgeting issue that every year strips the U.S. Forest Service of its ability ... Continue Reading →

The Faces of Fire

Source: Esme Cadiente Photography Heartwarming perspective about our firefighters! “We protect communities from wildfire, promote healthy forests, and restore ecological integrity.” This is Us. We ... Continue Reading →

This Tiny Beetle Is Devastating Forests in the Worst Outbreak Ever

Source: National Geographic Click here to watch the video Despite being smaller than a grain of rice, mountain pine beetles are causing big problems for ... Continue Reading →

Hybrid mountain pine beetles set to spread more easily

Source: A hybrid population of mountain pine beetles is set to do further damage to one of Canada’s most iconic regions. Using genetic tools, ... Continue Reading →