REAL Hand Scraped Flooring

We don’t have many secrets here at Sustainable Lumber Co. We’re not a huge optimized state-of-the-art flooring manufacturer, nor do we want to be. We’re a humble sized “boutique” manufacture that custom crafts each floor as they’re ordered. For example, we could produce what other manufactures call a “hand scraped” floor, which is actually scraped by a machine. Instead we craft a REAL hand scraped wood flooring by a living, breathing, hard working human being who actually cares what it looks like.  After individually hand scraping each board, we then hand sand and pre-finish by hand rubbing penetrating oils deep into the grain.

Technology and automation are good things but it’s hard to replicate the real thing!

These authentic wood floors are grown, made, and handcrafted in the USA; try to find that in your local box store.